America Must Lead the World in Changing the Culture of Violence

The pandemic of mass shootings, law enforcement violence, individual violence, domestic violence and suicide in America, is making it plain that the United States of America must lead the world in changing the culture of violence. Since 2012, Black Women for Positive Change, a multi-cultural, inter-generational, inter-faith network of Women and Good Brothers, has sponsored 11 annual Days/Weeks/Months of Non-Violence.

The goal has been to promote the idea that violence prevention must be a priority for America, along with training in de-escalation of violence, education about the legacy of historical violence, and creation of programs that promote “Opportunities As Alternatives to Violence.” Partners in the 2022 sponsorship of the Month of Non-Violence, Families, Voting Rights and Opportunities included Everytown for Gun Safety, National Association for Community Mediation, 100 Fathers Inc., National Black Nurses Association, and the Positive Change Foundation.

Black Women for Positive Change National Co-Chairs Honorable Daun S. Hester and Dr. Stephanie Myers said, “Since 2012, we have mobilized thousands of people in dozens of U.S. States to focus on stopping violence. The recent mass shootings, the murder of Tyree Nicols, and the tragic shooting of a teacher by a 6-year-old child in Virginia, are urgent indicators that require federal, state and local leaders to invest in new approaches to educate and train law enforcement, educators, parents and public officials in de-escalation of violence, anger management and conflict resolution.”

Over the past 11 years, thousands of people have participated in the Days/Weeks/Months of Non-Violence from 28 States in the USA, and the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Uganda. Events included Youth Summits, Podcasts, Stop the Violence Marches, Violence Prevention film screenings and Domestic Violence Webinars.

Co-Chairs Hester and Myers continued, “We have heard from young and old people of different nationalities who have ideas about ways to change the culture of violence in America, and the world. Innovative strategies are needed to convince people that there are other solutions to resolve anger and disputes outside of shootings and killings. We hope both the Biden Administration, both parties in the U.S. Congress, and State and Local governments will focus on violence prevention and are willing to listen.”

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