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Amos and Andy meet Buckwheat

Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

Amos and Andy meet Buckwheat

By Lucius Gantt

      When I was a child I remember vividly how I would run home from school or run home from the playground so that I would be at the house when “The Amos and Andy Show” would come on television.

As a youth, I thought that show was so funny! But as I grew older, I began to look at the show differently.

I discovered that the characters on Amos and Andy plotted against each other, schemed on each other, tricked each other and, above all, they constantly talked about each other.

Today, just like on the Amos and Andy Show, some Black people love to talk about each other. The difference is that when Amos had something to say about Andy, he said it to his face. When Kingfish talked about Sapphire, he said it to her face.

Nowadays, when so-called leading Negroes want to talk about other Blacks they can’t wait to criticize their brothers and sisters on Fox News, or in the Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times or in the Miami Herald.

Tavis Smiley and Cornell West have become notorious for attacking President Barack Obama and The Gantt Report has said some things, not as much, about the President, too.

But there is a difference. News reports indicate that Smiley and West may be critical of President Obama because they were not invited to a White House reception. The Gantt Report doesn’t give a damn about being invited to the White House, to your house or to the crack house.

People say Smiley and West criticize the President so they can get media coverage. Smiley and West are smart enough to know that the white media and so-called imperialist press loves it when Negroes attack Black people. If you want to get on the Bill Maher show on HBO or on the Bill O’Reilly Show on Fox, just say something bad and sensational about the Black President; over and over again.

Now The Gantt Report, as said earlier, has mentioned President Obama, too. However, I don’t need to disagree with the President to get a story in the Associated Press, the Atlanta Journal or the Tampa Times. Lucius Gantt was in those publications before Smiley and West could dream about being quoted in “mainstream media”.

Unlike Smiley and West, I criticize Obama sometimes because he is the President and not because he is the “Black” President. But I praise Obama, too, because TGR tries to write the truth whether Obama, Smiley or West likes it or not.

The Gantt Report criticizes for God, meaning I write what I feel is the truth and the chips can fall where they may. While West and Smiley sometimes seem to criticize for their personal benefits such as speaking engagements.

Now, let’s look at another TV character, Buckwheat! We have some modern day Buckwheats running around, too. Let me explain.

Buckwheat was a Black character on “Our Gang”, a TV show about a group of kids that hung around together.

Even though Buckwheat was Black, all of the white kids in the “gang” loved Buckwheat. Why? They loved Buckwheat because they could depend on Buckwheat to do what Spanky and Alphafa told him to do. Buckwheat would come when he was told to come, go when he was told to go and speak when he was told to speak.

Smiley and West allegedly are upset because of a lack of access to the President and the White House but the modern day Buckwheats are invited to everything symbolic that goes on at the White House, all of the receptions, all of the parties, all of the concerts and any other meeting where nothing serious about Black or African progress will be discussed.

Do I have to name the modern day Buckwheats? They are the ones with national TV and radio broadcasts, they are the ones that raise funds from Black campaign contributors to pay off white political consultants and they are the ones that say, “Treat Black people any way you want to” because we’re happy and satisfied just to have a “Black”  President!

They are the ones that make jokes and criticize most African Americans every morning on the radio but are scared to death to disagree with anything the White House says.

Yes, in 2013, Amos and Andy have come in contact with Buckwheat! One of the modern day versions talks too much and the other doesn’t stand up or speak out enough. The main things the old and new have in common is that they all are actors. The earlier versions were television actors and today’s versions are acting like they care about us when in reality they only care about themselves! Somebody call the Academy. The new Amos and Andy and Buckwheat deserve academy awards for best acting portrayals of Black community leaders!

Thank God you can read The Gantt Report and don’t have to listen or read the lies and the false promises of the devil’s puppets in government or outside of the government. (Buy Gantt’s latest book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store and contact Lucius at



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