Announcement, endorsements and a question: What does get out the vote mean?

ALCEE-HASTINGSAnnouncement, endorsements and a question: What does get out the vote mean?

From Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (FL-20)


     To avoid speculation about my future plans, I wish to announce that I am going to seek re-election in 2016.

I plan to support Hilary Clinton if she runs for President. And, I will do all I can to help Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives, and keep or regain the United States Senate.


     As I said in my palm card, “I respect everyone’s opinion but here are the candidates and issues that I support this November 4 Election”.

     The people that I want to win are folk who have demonstrated that they share most of our values, and can be counted on to try and help the African American community.



  • Governor/Lt. Governor Charlie Crist/Annette Taddeo
  • Attorney General George Sheldon
  • Chief Financial Officer William Rankin
  • Commissioner of Agriculture  Thaddeus Hamilton




  • Amendment 1: Water and Land Conservation – YES
  • Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana  – YES
  • Amendment 3: Prospective Judicial

Appointments  – NO



  • Question 1:  Re-Authorize the Children’s Services Council – YES
  • Question  2: Issue Bonds for Broward County Public Schools – YES



  • County Commission – District 8  – Barbara Sharief


  • City of Lauderhill Hayward Benson
  • City of West Park Thomas Dorsett
  • City of Dania Beach Bobbie Grace
  • City of Wilton Manors  Lillie Harris
  • City Hallandale Beach  Anthony Sanders
  • City of Tamarac Stewart Webster
  • City of Lauderdale Lakes Beverly Williams


  • State Senator- District 36 – Oscar Braynon



  • State Representative- District 92 – Gwyndolen “ Gwyn” Clarke-Reed
  • State Representative-District 95 – Hazelle Rogers


4th District Court of Appeals  

 Vote YES! to Retain ALL!

  • Alan O. Forst Mark K. Klingensmith
  • Matthew Stevenson Martha C.Warner

 County Court

Judge Ian Richards



I have written, spoken, advertised and pleaded with the electorate to elect Democrats Statewide.

All of these candidates are highly qualified, sensitive to our issues and values, and each has made clear that they support uplifting the African American community.

On the Florida constitutional amendments I offer the following:

     Amendment 1: As they say this is a …NO BRAINER.

All of us want our land and water to be in tip top shape PERIOD. – VOTE YES!

     Amendment 2:  This is not about legalizing marijuana. This is about providing Medical relief for a variety of debilitating and or terminal illnesses.

     Question: What would you do for a loved one in pain to help avoid that pain?

     Answer: I believe your answer is everything you could. Then vote Yes!

     Amendment 3: This is very harmful, and sneaky. It would allow an outgoing Governor to stack the Florida Judiciary at every level with particular emphasis on the Florida Supreme Court. Then the incoming Governor would be stuck with the outgoing Governor’s nominees. This amendment is intended to benefit Rick Scott to the detriment of another incoming governor. VOTE NO!

     Question: Do you want Rick Scott to pack and stack the courts with right wing judges?

     Answer: I thought your answer would/will be HELL NO. Then Vote NO!

In our local races I value service, friendships, loyalty, and commitment to our community above all else in politics.

     Hayward Benson and I have made many positive marks in Broward County. We have been on the frontlines for more than 50 years.

     Thomas Dorsett helped bring West Park into existence and has been a stalwart in this county.

     Bobbie Grace lives and breathes Dania and professionalism.

Lillie Harris will bring an added prospective to Wilton Manors, a city on the move.

     Anthony Sanders has a demonstrated record of constant improvement in Hallandale. He is a true leader in civic and religious life.

Stewart Webster is needed in Tamarac.  He has exemplary credentials and would be the first African American in that city’s history.

Beverly Williams my friend, sister, and lifelong community servant. For those who need to know Beverly ain’t  Levoyed. (Smile) She aims to best his great record for service.

     Mayor Barbara Sharif has advocated for Broward in D.C. and Tallahassee. She has been a very effective voice for Broward County.

State Senator Oscar Braynon delivers. I have known him ALL of his life. He is a masterful leader.

     Sister girls Rep. Gwen Clarke Reed and Rep. Hazelle Rogers are a dynamite duo. Together and individually they are a force in Tallahassee and here at home. We must send them back to Tallahassee in these toughest of times.

     Broward County Questions 1+2 are all about our CHILDREN.

Imagine the loss of our com-munity if the Children’s Ser-vices Council did not exist. We would have to invent one. Please VOTE YES.

     Quick Question: If the Bonds Issue does not pass how will the schools get fixed?

When it passes, contracts for minorities in bonding, development, and rehabilitation is a must.

Finally, what does get out the vote (G.O.T.V.) mean?

  1. To me it means overcoming all the intentional discrimination that is abroad in our great country.
  2. It means its O.K. to have volunteers, paid workers, and canvases as consultants to campaigns.
  3. If billionaires can spend countless dollars to oppress and suppress voters, then like minded people should hire local people to get out the vote.

People who know their communities can get out the vote better than air dropped non-community people.

Are you listening Hilary and other candidates? Hire people in the states, counties, and cities who live there…. PERIOD! and, by African American media, print, radio and cable TV should advertise earlier than two weeks before the election in Black media.

Thank you for giving me the privilege of representing you. I ask that you please VOTE to re-elect me to the United States House of Representatives.

     Vote Absentee (Post dated by Nov. 4)

     Last Day to request an absentee ballot is …Wednesday Oct. 29),

Vote EARLY October 20 until November 2. 

     Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 4, 2014 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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