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Arthur Wells named federal employee of the year

Wells named Federal Employee of the Year

Wells named Federal Employee of the Year

Arthur Wells named federal employee of the year

By Derek Joy

Arthur Wells was named Federal Employee of the Year in the region from West Palm Beach to Key West.

The federal government presents the award annually to the employee deemed most deserving nominee working in one of its various agencies such as the U. S. Postal Service, F.B.I., Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration, among others.

“To me, I wasn’t supposed to win. It’s unreal. I expected the F.B.I. Agent to win it. He was credited with making multiple drug busts, 21 arrests, seizure of illegal weapons and over $2-million,” said Wells.

“It’s the first time an employee of the Miami VA Hospital System won this award since Alvin Roberts won it four or five years ago. It made us look good. Everybody from the Director (Paul Russo) on down came and congratulated me.”

Wells is the assistant chief of prosthetics at the MVAHS, where he has been employed for the past 25 years. He enlisted in the U.S. Army immediately following his 1965 graduation from North Dade High School.

He served two tours of combat duty in Viet Nam during his four years of service in the Army. After being honorably discharged in 1970, Wells joined the Florida Army National Guard, where he served for 35 years and eight months.

His Army National Guard service included combat duty in Iraq, as well as overseas assignments in Germany, Japan and South Korea. He retired in 2007 with the rank of Sergeant Major.

“I wasn’t supposed to beat out the guy from the F.B.I.,” Wells said. “I don’t know how that happened. Usually, somebody from the Post Office or Social Security Administration wins it.

“It wasn’t anything that I did. It was because of Alvin,” said Wells, citing the efforts of Alvin Roberts, who is also employed at the MVAHS. “It was the way he wrote the narrative.”

The required narrative must include a description of four factors: A description of the entrant’s situation, self development, Job Performance and Miscellaneous – military service, awards and training.

In summarizing Wells’ worthiness as a nominee for the honor, Roberts wrote: “Sgt. Major Arthur Wells has been nationally recognized for his amazing achievements and accolades as a leading community servant.

“His effective outreach to the community, volunteer missionary work and leadership of multiple service organizations are legendary and unequaled. He is an outstanding asset to the Department of Veterans Affairs and to the Miami VA Health Care System.”

The honor has been recognized by several Trade Publications in articles citing Wells’ accomplishment of being named federal employee of the year.

Added Gary Peoples, another employee of the MVAHS:  “It’s a big thing. They have a big banquet every year.  You’re especially happy for Art, happy its one of our employees.”

Said Wells: “It’s a big trophy and a great honor for all 2,500 employees at the MVAHS. It made us look good.”


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