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Rob Peter to pay Paul                                                                                     

June 28, 2018 Carma Henry 0

   TRUMP cut the taxes by 2.3 trillion dollars on the rich people, leaving them with more money in the pockets of their designer clothes. In order to balance and pay for the tax cuts, he must collect more money out of the (off the rack) pockets of us middle class and poor. […]

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Are Brown Children Treated Worse than Black Children in America?

June 27, 2018 Carma Henry 0

      There is an immigration crisis in America, June 2018, and many are devastated by the treatment of Central and South American children and families. Children as young as infants and babies are being separated from their mothers and fathers, because they have entered America illegally. From a legal point of view, most immigrants are committing a misdemeanor, which is one of the lowest forms of breaking a law. […]

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