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With confidence and ‘courage,’ Tami Sawyer declares candidacy for Memphis mayor

     “I am running now because when I see our city and I see our people and I look at the conversations that we are having at high levels of leadership, it doesn’t incorporate what is next for the impoverished, people of color, women, every person that is not considered in our vision for Memphis,” said Sawyer, director of diversity and cultural competence for Teach for America in Memphis. […]

National News

Legendary Civil Rights Leader James Lawson Assembles Institute on Nonviolent Civil Resistance, in Portland, Oregon, April 24–28

The James Lawson Institute, named for the ordained United Methodist Church minister who advised and led several successful civil resistance campaigns at the height of the modern Civil Rights Movement, will be held April 24–28 in Portland, Oregon. Leaders, organizers, scholar-practitioners, and activists who want to improve their strategy, methods, and mastery required for successful justice campaigns voluntarily apply. […]


Black Entrepreneur Launches the Most Diverse and Inclusive Luxury Skintone Line of Women’s Shoes

Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear, LLC has officially launched its line of 13 true to hue nude (skin-tone) footwear. The release marks the most diverse and inclusive luxury skin-tone shoe line on the market. For far too long the market has had a very strict definition of nude shoes – one or two shades of beige. This definition excludes a huge part of the population, namely, women of color. […]


Voter Suppression a Lasting Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade  

In Federalist No. 54, James Madison wrote about the chief concern of the representation of slaves concerning taxation and representation, Thorne said.

     “This federalist paper states that slaves are property as well as people, therefore requiring some, but not full, representation. Ultimately a decision was made to count every three out of five slaves through the creation of the Three-Fifths Compromise,” he said. […]