National News

Why Camille Cosby opened up to the Black Press

With Tuesday’s midterm elections carrying such import, particularly African Americans and other minorities, Mrs. Cosby not only wanted to convey her thoughts about her husband’s plight, but she felt it critical and urgent that she reach out to voters – some of whom probably can relate to what she and her family are now going through. […]

Local Sports

Dolphins win Rival Game Against Jets

Since 1966, the Dolphins and Jets rivalry has been intense. There’s something about beating your rival twice a year that ignites the competitiveness and causes you to bring your a game. On Sunday, the Dolphins edged out a win 13 to 6 against the rival Jets. It was a tough, defensive low-scoring contest. […]


Have you Heard The Buzz

Someone was looking for some music, they found and discovered some Joe Simon music, put it out on a double disc CD and titled it “Step By Step The Complete Pop Hits.” There is a song on the CD called “Nine Pound Steel.” […]