Pastor Rasheed Z. Baaith

The believer responsibility

June 20, 2012 keesto 0

This present time we live in is without doubt a time of great turmoil and confusion in the Houses of God that profess following the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a time in which Pastors who appear to have a great anointing and are highly gifted are preaching the opposite of what the Word of God reads. […]

Does President Obama have Black folks back?

June 20, 2012 keesto 0

President Obama’s re-election campaign will launch its first radio ad targeting the African American community this week. The 60 second ad is focused on getting the African American community to stand with the president, and get engaged in the election process. […]

Doubly Proud Thurston

June 20, 2012 keesto 0

Florida State Representative Perry Thurston and his wife Dawn are proud of their children Alison who just graduated from Princeton University in New Jersey, while son Trey graduated from South Plantation High School. […]

Winning the fight against HIV in children

June 20, 2012 keesto 0

Over thirty years ago, when the fight against HIV first began, the outlook for tackling the pandemic was bleak. Across the world, AIDS was seen as a death sentence. Within just a few years, it had devastated communities from the United States to South Africa. […]

DOH sees several high level departures

June 20, 2012 keesto 0

Several high-level employees have left the Florida Department of Health in recent months, and one of the latest to leave said the departures highlight an agency abandoning its public service mission for political ideology. […]

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