“Vote In November” Song & Pictures

to record and release “Vote in November,” a song promoting voter registration and participation in the upcoming elections.

Written and produced by Plunky with 30-year old son J. Fire Branch, “Vote in November” is a non-partisan rap jingle targeted to young adults. The producers will collaborate with community groups, non-profits, churches and colleges and universities for distribution of the song and its companion public service announcement (PSA) to radio, TV, social media and live and flash events, including fall sports and homecoming activities.

With the country facing one of the most critical set of elections in recent history, polling suggests that millions of registered voters will sit out the November elections and millions more potential voters are not even registered. “Vote In November” is a charitable civic endeavor by Plunky and the members of Plunky & Oneness, utilizing their recognition and celebrity to encourage voter registration and participation. Plunky says that “Vote In November” is in the tradition of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and many others who have written and performed songs that inspire political engagement.

Plunky’s spoken word lyrics are a call-to-action:

You’ve got to be counted if you want to be heard
Think it doesn’t matter — don’t be absurd
Some spend millions to spread their word
We’ve got to take action — vote is a verb…

The song will be publicly debuted at the Congressional Black Caucus’ 2012 voter participation town hall meeting this month in Washington, DC. A number of Virginia-area radio stations have committed to using it for get-out-the vote announcements and rallies.

Dr. Ishmail Conway, Chairman of the Department of Mass Communications at Virginia State University and partner on the project believes the non-partisan initiative serves as a vital connection between his department and students with real world civics and public service. He said “Our campus radio station WVST-FM will certainly be playing the song to encourage our students and the community to vote.”

Plunky wrote and performed the spoken word lyrics on the instrumental track that was created by Fire Branch. The lead vocals were performed by Tonya Lazenby-Jackson and background vocals by Charlayne “Chyp” Green. Hannon Lane, VSU ProTools Instructor, was the studio engineer who recorded and mastered the project.

“Vote In November” is available as a single song (2:50), a PSA (60 second & 30 second), and an instrumental track. To receive a copy of the song in any file format, contact: plunkyb@aol.com, visit the web site www.plunkyone.com or call J. Plunky Branch 804-397-9099.

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