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Back to the ‘Hood

Back in the 'Hood

Back in the ‘Hood

Back to the ‘Hood

By marsgyrl

What would happen if all Black people moved back to the ‘hood? How come when we “make it”; when we achieve some modicum of success or financial reward, the first thing we do is MOVE?

We fought for years to integrate, but what we really did was abdicate! Abdicate responsibility for our community. Instead of having the courage to make our own community better, we threw in the towel and high-tailed it to someone else’s community that was already “better.”

The problems facing our community (crime, drugs, and poverty) will never get solved if those of us best qualified or able to solve them keep leaving.

Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, we lacked the economic means and political power to create a community that was truly “separate but equal.” Separate, yes; equal, no way!

Now, we have more Black doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, entrepreneurs, business executives, and politicians than ever before. Our combined wealth could power a small country. So why not pool our resources and knowledge into rebuilding our community?

We could create neighborhoods that far exceed those we are fleeing to. We could take back our schools that are failing and our children that are floundering. We could revitalize our businesses and create new ones. We could renovate our homes and build bigger ones.

So let’s pack up the U-Hauls and move back to the ‘hood. Our community needs us. And whether we realize it or not… we need our community!

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