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Barbershop 3 deep in the community

Ice-cubethis-one3Barbershop 3 deep in the community

      Florida Memorial University (FMU) had a special guest visit them recently; famous rapper, actor, star and creator of the Friday movie series, Are We There Yet movies, and recent movie Ride Along and Ride Along 2, Ice Cube. The students and faculty of FMU gathered to hear Ice Cube speak on his newest project, Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, but to also voice his opinion on recent events that have been plaguing the South Florida area.

In the past couple months, strings of violence have been terrorizing the community here in Miami. The students and faculty hope to come together to have an open discussion on the topic and what they could do to combat the violence in their community, having Ice Cube to bring more light onto the subject. A topic that can re-late to all and a core subject in his movie Barbershop 3: The Next Cut.

Barbershop 3 touches on violence that has been plaguing the Black communities such as Chicago where the movie is based in. “Well Calvin is struggling a lot and he is doing what most people think is the answer and that is to move out, but he realizes that isn’t the answer. The answer is that him being a shop owner in the neighborhood gains him respect in the neighborhood, which makes him a voice of the neighborhood; An when he speaks not everyone listens but enough people listens for a chain reaction to get going.” He believed that Barbershop 3 really is speaking to what is going on in our country now. Ice Cube then goes into what he thinks individuals can do to make a difference and to shape the next generation. “But Calvin realizes that leaving isn’t the answer. That we need to stick it out and figure it out and use the people around for the answer. Everybody in here influences somebody in here whether it be brother, sister, cousin, friends, so influences them and pull them on the right track that you’re on and don’t tolerate foolishness.”

Current student of FMU Dana Thomas enjoyed Ice Cube speech to the students of FMU and insight on what we should do to help better the community. “Even though he spoke about mostly about his movie, his movie really does seem to relate to what is going on here in Miami and other urban areas that seem to have similar problems as well. His solutions to the problems here I can really get behind.”

It seems that Ice Cube influence might hopefully bring what is going on in our country back to the topic circle and hopefully new solutions to an old problem.

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