Be careful. Do we understand the difference between man and God?

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
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Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Be careful. Do we understand the difference between man and God?

If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”             — Joshua 24:15 (NASB)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      The second inauguration of President Barack Obama is over and he is about the business of delivering his plans of bringing America together and reassuring us that we are better off united as opposed to being divided.

     We can’t allow issues over gun control, sexual preferences, health care for all, saving our environment or the fact that a person was not born in this country to keep us divided and marching us right over the fiscal cliff to civil war.

     We celebrated the humanitarian and nonviolent spirit of our “Drum Major for Justice” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by committing ourselves to a day of community service.

     We, most of us want and believe that America is better when all of us are accepting of each other’s differences.

     This belief is acknowledged and further demonstrated when we act based upon the principles that we are instructed to live by from our Creator, and for me my Creator is God.

     We all have our free will to choose and to worship how we deem appropriate to make our brief commune here on this side of Jordan hospitable, hoping that it would allow for a safe transition to the other side. 

     However, as we think so highly of ourselves, we forget that we have NO control over the outcome as to where we shall spend eternity.

     This conclusion brings to fruition the simplest explanation to understanding the complexity of mortal man: man is not God!

     People, like sheep, need protection and guidance, but somehow we have confused being a leader with being God.

     To the detriment of civilization, if not checked, man’s false pretense of idolatry is going to place another nail in life’s coffin: man is not God.

     I do think that it is great when we respect the accomplishments that others have made, in that we courteously honor them, which is a big difference than a “graven image” raised to worship them.

     All of our magnificent heroes and sheroes, both those who have gone on to glory and to those who walk among us today, have contributed immensely to what we have gained and where we have come from and prayerfully the directions to where we are going.

     Yes we should honor, respect and learn from them and yes, they can be an inspiration but we must remember that they are human and not God.

     “When I find myself in awe of the accomplishments of man, I must remember who made him that he is able to complete that which His will instructed.”         — Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

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