Being Stuck in Haiti Reveals Much More Than a Young Entrepreneur Bargained For  

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Being Stuck in Haiti Reveals Much More Than a Young Entrepreneur Bargained For  

On The Scene With Crystal Chanel

I am always amazed at God’s affinity to use chaos to get our attention. It’s like during madness, when you’re dazed and confused, God reveals his true and total love for you. In my attempt to process what happened to my friend Carletta McMillian, I had to recall God’s mysterious moves in chaotic moments in my own life. Like when I lost my job of seven years in 2013, God revealed my innate ability to create my own jobs. Or when I was diagnosed with a rare and difficult to detect condition, God revealed my ability to walk in divine health. And in 2018, when I started to feel stagnant, God revealed that His calling on my life was much bigger than my feelings. However, when Carletta McMillian, CEO of Beyond Revealed Media, found herself stuck in Haiti following a political riot center around a fuel price hike, discovering what was being revealed required the young entrepreneur to dig much deeper than ever before.

In this edition of On the Scene, Carletta McMillian, joins us in sending the elevator back down with her hindsight that can become our insight. The day after Fourth of July, 13 women including Carletta McMillian traveled to Haiti, to celebrate a birthday when about thirty minutes into their drive to the resort, they found themselves in the middle of a what appeared to be a friendly protest that quickly escalated to a chaotic riot by the time they arrived to their resort. However, once safe at the Port Au Prince resort, the ladies quickly forgot about the apparent danger beyond the resort walls and enjoyed the French Caribbean Paradise to the fullest without inhibition.

Back home in the States, I personally found myself concerned when Carletta did not respond to my email regarding the status of our open video editing projects. Although, I did find it odd that her time away from her business was so long, I was still blown away when I received her email stating the following:

“Hello family, friends and faithful Beyond Revealed Media customers. This is a notice updating you on my current situation. I am in Haiti. […] The residents in Haiti are protesting about the gas prices […] they are blocking all roads with tractor trucks and burning tires. If anyone manages to get around the roadblocks, protestors aggressively approach your vehicle with intentions of flattening your tire. [To my customers] I truly apologize for any inconvenience that my absence may cause your business during these times.”

As you can see, the entire ordeal was frightening, but upon Careletta’s return home, I had one question. What was the message? We chatted for what seemed like hours as Carletta recalled smoke in the streets, burning tires, and SWAT officers patrolling with guns drawn. With tears in her eyes, she even remembered moments where she couldn’t even find the strength to pray. Stuck in Haiti days longer than anticipated, Carletta knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, she would see her family again. She just didn’t know when. Yet, through all of madness, she couldn’t help but think of her customers. She affirmed, “it was time to scale, implement a contingency plan, and establish business hours.” Through her tragedy, she learned and reminded us to “turn on your away messages when you travel. Understand you don’t have to be near your phone 24 hours a day/seven day a week. And endeavor to structure your business in a way that allows for life to happen, because it will.”

While finding solace back home in the States, during a run at the park, God revealed that Carletta had to go beyond the obvious to reveal the unseen. The slogan of her media company was not just words, but God given and a timely message for us all! And for that reason, family, let’s support Carletta McMillian. For more information, visit her website

Crystal Chanel

Press Release Marketing, LLC

Event Hosting – Marketing – Public Relations

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