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Bill Dotson creates Obama Commemorative Collection

Bill-Dotson-CollectionBill Dotson creates Obama Commemorative Collection

 — World renowned African American ball point pen artist, Bill Dotson teams up with company to produce limited edition Barack H. Obama commemorative collection. –

The Bill Dotson Collection

     Nationwide ( — Bill Dotson has received worldwide acclaim for his brilliant work. From contracts for national sporting events to international commissions of famous world leaders, Dotson has been heavily sought after for his unique ability to capture the underlying essence of these transient moments in history. He is renowned for his interactive exhibitions and masterclasses, where he demonstrates his exceptional ballpoint pen technique.

Unique in form, he developed this eccentric style while recuperating in the hospital from a serious injury. Able to move only his wrist, he spent his time doodling on letter correspondence paper. These small circular motions would later mature into the distinct craft ship of which he would become known.

It was only fitting that he devote his time, energy, and expertise into creating this masterpiece of one of the greatest presidents and most influential world leaders of all time. Appropriately entitled “Life”, “Liberty”, and “Happiness”, the three works draw inspiration from our inalieble rights and the strides President Obama has arduously taken to champion these values.

“I was very excited about the opportunity of having this collection distributed,” Dotson said. “I know a lot of families have wanted a memento to remember this historic period. This is my way of giving back.”

The company

Dotson’s company, Bama Momma, has the sole goal is to provide the African American community with a high quality but affordable keepsake of this monumental period.

In order to pursue this momentous endeavor, they will be partnering with organizations (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV) and individual proprietors (bloggers, journalists, social media Influencers) in a cross promotion throughout Black History Month. In return for advertising, they will direct 50% of all proceeds from those advertisements back to your organization. They will provide you with a personalized promotional code (or phrase) which can be used by your content viewers to receive half off on all purchases. This code will also allow us to effectively track orders and promptly issue payments back to your organization.

They will also be offering extreme discounts for bulk orders. This will be beneficial to vendors, organizations who will be hosting large events, and various other fundraising initiatives.

For bulk orders, they can provide shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Depending on location, they can also offer personal delivery and assist with unloading and stocking.

Individuals who assist in initiating bulk order sales during this cross promotional period will also be entitled to 25% of proceeds from those sales.

The Product

Focused on longevity, their 16″ x 20″ prints are manufactured in the USA with high grade material. A supportive backing board is included for additional strength. To prevent scratches and general wear, each of our prints come enclosed it a protective cellophane sleeve.

Feel free to explore their website at for more information.


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