Black teen rescued woman and children during ‘Dark Knight Rises’ shooting after boyfriend abandoned them

Dark Knight (Jarrell Brooks
Dark Knight (Jarrell Brooks

Black teen rescued woman and children during <i>‘Dark Knight Rises’</i> shooting after boyfriend abandoned them

     A Colorado teen helped save the lives of a woman and her children, even though it resulted in him being shot.

     The woman – who had been attending the screening of “Dark Knight Rises” with her boyfriend, young child, and a infant child – found herself abandoned when the shooting began.

     Her boyfriend dropped their infant child on the floor, jumped from the balcony, and drove himself home.

     Luckily, Jarell Brooks, 19, came to the woman’s aid.

     While trying to escape the gunfire, Brooks says he saw a woman, later identified as Patricia Legarreta, struggling to get herself and her two children out. He said he crawled on top of Legarreta in an attempt to push her and the children out the door but then couldn’t get out himself.

     “At the end of the aisle, I ran into a woman. She yelled, ‘My kids!’ and I saw she had two young kids with her,” he told <b>ABC News</b>.              

     “I made sure they got in the aisle and pushed behind her to make sure she got out of there.”

     That’s when both Brooks and Legarreta were shot.

     “We fell together,” Brooks said. “I picked myself back up and continued to the back exit door, on one leg.”

     “I was thinking, I have to get this family out, without getting hit myself. I managed to do one,” Brooks told ABC News.

     Following is the ABC story which details the young teen’s bravery, which was exceptionally heroic considering the cowardice of the woman’s boyfriend.

     A scholarship fund has been set up in his honor, and it’s hard not to feel compelled to give something to the boy who wants to go to college. He nearly gave his life to do the right thing, so maybe he deserves to be rewarded for that.


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