Blacks, Hispanics must unite

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Blacks, Hispanics must unite

By Lucius Gantt

      Black, brown, beige, red and all other people of color around the must unite!

If you don’t know, the white separatists and white supremacists of the world are uniting against you!

The separation of children of color from their mothers and fathers that come to United States borders to seek asylum is the protest flavor of the day.

Good and honorable people of all races, colors and creeds have spoken out against the devilish immigration policies of US President Donald Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Once separated, no one can say for sure where the infants are, where the toddlers are or where the young girls are once they are taken from their pa-rents at the border between the United States and Mexico.

I don’t “march” but if that is your protest of choice, there will be protests in Washington, D.C., Atlanta and in many other cities on June 30. Just Google “June 30 immigration protests” and hopefully you’ll find an organized protest in your town.

I want to remind you of how Trump and his bigoted cult of followers describe people of color. Mexicans have been called drug dealers and rapists. El Salvadorians have been labeled as gang members, animals, murderers and criminals. All Africans have been recognized by Trump loyalists as residents of “Shithole countries”!

Well, just let me tell you about Africa. When Africa was ruled by Africans, your ancestors built pyramids that have stood pretty much intact for centuries. Africans were civilized when the ancestors of Donald Trump lived in caves and didn’t know what a bath was.

Trump wants Black people to hate Africa and brown people to hate South America and the Caribbean.

Why? So the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Commodity traders and modern day colonialists can take and steal everything of value they can.

Hmmm? What’s in Africa that skinheads, neo-nazis, klansmen and bigots want?

They want diamonds, gold, platinum, uranium, coffee, tea, rubber, copper, iron ore, shea nuts and shea oil, petroleum, wine, lumber, ivory, fish, agricultural products, cheap labor, continental control and every other mineral and natural resource that they can find!

People of color must unite because wrong thinking pale skinned people of the world are united against you!

America is not the only country that has racists and bigots. Every country has them at some level.

Predominately Black African and Caribbean countries tout their “freedom” but many Black countries are controlled by handpicked puppets that are loyal to the French, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Germans, the Spanish and, yes, the Americans!

Don’t take my words for it, look at what’s going on in Antigua and Barbuda, what’s going on in Cameroon, what’s going on in Ethiopia and in other countries across the globe.

Black don’t just kill Blacks in Southside Chicago or in South Central Los Angeles. Look at what’s happening in Antigua and Barbuda, what’s happening in Cameroon and what’s happening in Ethiopia.

Some educated scholars believe the beef between Saudi Arabia and Yemen could easily be put into the Black on Black fighting basket!

People of color must unite because the people on earth that fear a Black planet want to wipe you off the face of the earth!

Together we will live and divided we will die literally, figuratively and certainly economically!




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