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Republicans Epitomize Trump As Their Goliath

     The biblical story of Goliath told in the Book of Samuel is about the giant Philistine who threaten to destroy the people of Israel. This starve also unveils how Saul, the King, who should’ve defended his people against Goliath, was unfit to rule. Thus, David, a young boy, was chosen to engage in combat to defend Israel. David, with just a mere sling, launched a single stone striking Goliath, who stood eight feet, between his eyes and killing him. […]


Where is a “tank man” for 2019?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was also undeterred by threats from extremists; ultimately, he was assassinated, but he never backed down from his stance for nonviolence and justice. We have many examples of those we know by name who refuse to step aside. “Tank man,” however, remains a mystery. […]


Black Bodies Creating White Power

     Even while white Southerners denied enslaved people in those states the rights guaranteed to citizens, they still demanded that the enslaved people’s bodies be counted in the census. The Southerners made this demand because the size of a state’s population determined how many representatives those states would be granted in Congress. The more representatives a state had, the greater the state’s power in the federal government.  […]

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Dear Congressional Black Caucus Members, Fellow Activist, Community Leaders, Politicians, and Journalist:

You are receiving this email because I want you to take another look at the Jussie Smollett farce. This email will also be faxed to members of Congress and posted as an open letter on my blog, on May 29, 2019, so that the public can read it. It will be called: An Open Letter to the Congressional Black Caucus Members About Race-baiting For Votes: The Jussie Smollett Case […]


The DNC is a Ball of Confusion

     Hillary appears to be out of the picture – at last! With that being the case, then who is in contention for the presidential nomination in 2020? Who is going to stand up face to face with President Donald Trump? Right now, we have over two dozen contestants to consider. Some are vague and not well known and others are hangers-on that are approaching 80 years in age. […]