Dear Congressional Black Caucus Members, Fellow Activist, Community Leaders, Politicians, and Journalist:

Dear Congressional Black Caucus Members, Fellow Activist, Community Leaders, Politicians, and Journalist:

You are receiving this email because I want you to take another look at the Jussie Smollett farce. This email will also be faxed to members of Congress and posted as an open letter on my blog, on May 29, 2019, so that the public can read it. It will be called: An Open Letter to the Congressional Black Caucus Members About Race-baiting For Votes: The Jussie Smollett Case

      The dismissal of the Smollett case most certainly should be fully investigated because of its powerful political ties and self-serving interest. Therefore, I would like to respectfully bring some things to your attention, and hopefully, you will review the case in a different light. To that end, I have written a blog post entitled- Race-baiting For Votes: The Jussie Smollett Case, and you can read it here:

I cannot speak for all Black people, but I am beyond tired of all the racial profiteering at the expense of the Blacks, the browns, the whites, the poor, the sick, and the most vulnerable people in this country. The Black leadership is just as responsible for the racial tensions that exist as whites. The Black leaders stand for one thing under the Sun and something else in the caverns of backroom deals agreed to under the light of the Moon.

All Black people are not poor and disenfranchised. Likewise, all white people are not wealthy and powerful. Jeremiah G. Hamilton was a Black millionaire in New York City in 1875 (in 2018, his 1875 fortune was the equivalent of around $250 million). It is highly likely that many of his biracial descendants are still alive today.

Alessandro de’ Medici, the of Florence, ruled Florence from 1531 to his death in 1537, and he was a Black man. He was the son of a Pope. Therefore, there is a bloodline of Black Nobility in the shadows, and they are the counterpart of the white.

Medici was murdered by his white cousin Lorenzino de’ Medici. This war between Blacks and whites is so far reaching that we have excluded every other ethnic group on the planet and minimized their struggle for equal rights.

In case people have not noticed, please allow me to bring this to your attention, poverty is indiscriminate when it comes to the dust at the foot of the pyramid. If most people would take the time to pull their head out of their behind and look at the world as it is, they would see that the Kurds who have white skin are starving too. White-skinned people who are not of aristocratic European descent were raped, plundered, exploited, murdered, and enslaved too. We just don’t call it slavery; we call it human trafficking.

Former President Clinton and other presidents had no problem with the ethnic cleansing in places like Bosnia and stealing the gold of exploited countries. Look at the Yellow Vest protest in France, those people are white. Poverty and injustice are not just a Black problem. It’s a human problem. Hunger and injustice are real on a global scale, and our humanity demands that compassionate individuals are acquainted with this fact.

President Donald Trump is an effect and not a cause. In fact, he is a blessing in disguise because without his presidency the citizens of the United States would never have shown to the world how wretched, self-centered, greedy, petty, and selfish that we truly are. Donald Trump is the mirror that Divine Providence has used to show the people of this country their true reflection.

A country who would much rather sing praises to a god that they cannot see but destroy the Living Image of Divinity within their fellow human; the person that they can see. The hypocrisy is nauseating, and it has been exposed. Hasn’t President Trump implied that he is the new messiah? And the Evangelic Christians have supported him. Isn’t that how imperialism, isolationism, and separatism work?

Men and women are supposed to think more highly of themselves than they should and destroy those who disagree, based on the structural engineering of these ideologies. What cannot be enslaved, plundered, or exploited, must be ignored, or destroyed according to the selfish manufactured system of social stratification, and this is what Donald Trump represents.

Why do people get mad when he lies? They do the same thing. Why do they get upset when he does not accept responsibility for his actions when they are guilty of the same deed? People are angry because Donald Trump is a mirror of all the dirt that they do in secret. He is their Karma and he is not going away any time soon. If the people of this country do not wake up and accept accountability for their own actions, Trump will be the person to destroy this nation. If that sounds unbelievable, consider the fact that regardless of how many oppose him, not a single person that is on the roster for 2020 will beat him. This includes Joe Biden.

If the people of this country do not change for the better, Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020, because he is the internal condition of this nation-state. A nation that cannot admit when it has wronged others. A nation that refuses to be accountable for its actions and hides its crimes against humanity behind religion.

A nation that robs and exploits other nations, and then closes its borders to the poor and needy that their cruelty created. A nation that goes to war and murders innocent babies, men, women, and children in foreign countries, then pass hypocritical laws to negate abortion rights in their own nation.

A nation who sends young men and women to war to protect the interest of the global oligarchy, then claim that they care about gun violence.

A nation where the Republican Party created the industry and owns the private prisons and immigration detention centers. The Democrats sit on their corporate boards, and both political parties passed laws from the 80s to the present, to make sure that mass incarceration remains a reality.

A nation where the Press is controlled and not free. The Press spews forth the vomit of imperialism, isolationism, and separatism daily to the citizens because the media industry is owned by the powerful people who want to keep the status quo in place. The Media is nothing more than a propaganda machine, and it’s a disgrace.

This is a nation that refuses to correct itself. That is what is reflected in the Presidency of Donald Trump. He is the embodiment of the true values of this nation in human form.

All politicians around the world regardless of the color of their skin are guilty of profiteering. However, the Smollet farce demands that the Blacks begin to clean the corruption up in their own house, before judging someone else. It is not the job of white people to fix what is wrong within the sphere of the Black experience.

The Black people in this country as a collective, are no longer victims in terms of the overall victimization of white supremacy.

In 2018, a Neilson Report estimated the buying power of blacks at 1.2 Trillion dollars (see Fortunes article:

What are we spending our money on? Mostly perishable assets, entertainment, jewelry, over-priced shoes and clothes, and the church. I have been in more than one house where the child has on $250 sneakers, and the bookcases were full of video games instead of books. It’s a disgrace.

The Blacks have political power.

What do we do with that power? Allow the Democratic Party to exploit us. For what they are offering to us, it is not a fair exchange. Whatever is not a fair exchange being robbery.

The Black people in the United States of America are not powerless. We deserve better, and we can do better. We just need to raise our standards and accept the truth about the Black leadership, which is ineffective and promises things that they cannot deliver, just for votes.

If Black people were powerless, the Democrats would not fight so hard to indoctrinate and race-bait us. I am not saying that Black people must vote for Republicans. What I am saying is don’t vote for someone just because they are Black.

If the Black vote meant nothing, the Democrats would not fight so hard to keep it. Likewise, if the Black vote was severely suppressed, the Democrats would not be in power, ever. What is wrong with having to show identification to vote? This is 2019, and, identification is required to open a bank account, register a car, and get a job. So, why should using it to vote be an issue?

This is another race-baiting indoctrination. Just help the people legally register to vote. get their identification and be done with it. If people not knowing where to go to vote is an issue, make the information available on social media or the political party’s website. How hard is that?

It is time for all forms of political race-baiting to end, regardless of who the target audience may be. I find it highly offensive that this entire Smollett event was staged so that Kamala Harris could pass her Justice for Victims anti-lynching legislation, to further her political agenda. A bill that she submitted to Congress on February 14, 2019, and it immediately passed without any opposition at all because of the Smollett event.

This legislation was in addition to what Congress passed in December 2018. There is the anti-lynching legislation of December 2018, and then there is the Justice for Victims anti-lynching legislation of February 14, 2019. Harris wanted people to think that the two are the same, but they are not. She is a fraud of the worst kind imaginable. There are enough real cases of race-related murder and femicide in the United States, she did not have to stage an event.

Where was she in 2013, when Kendrick Johnson’s body was found in the gymnasium of Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia rolled up in a mat? Why didn’t she speak up when the state of Georgia claimed that this young man had rolled himself up in the mat, and died? Any sane person looking at his death photos, which resemble Emmitt Till’s, can clearly discern that this young man did not kill himself.

Where was she when Kenneka Jenkins mother was crying out for help?  Kenneka’s bruised body was found in the freezer of the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel, in Rosemont, IL. Kenneka’s shirt was pulled up exposing her breast, her hair disheveled, face swollen, clothes dirty, and shoes off. She looked like she had been dragged into the freezer from some other place.

Yet, the claim was made that even though she looked like she had been raped, it was really paradoxical undressing, which happens when a person freezes to death. Never mind, that her body was found in a part of the hotel that was supposed to be off limits to the hotel guest. Those photos released by the Rosemont Police Department are hard to look at for any compassionate person with children.

What has Harris done to address all the black girls disappearing in Washington, D.C.? She wants to be the President of the United States, and she claims to have the best interest of black women at heart, yet she still is silent about all the black girls disappearing around this nation. According to the nonprofit Black & Missing Foundation, in 2016, 242,295 individuals of color were reported missing in this country that year. In 2018, it was 230,302. (

Yet, the Black leadership, including Harris remain silent. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ( 424,066 children of all races were reported missing to law enforcement in 2018, they received 18.4 million reports on their CyperTipline many of them were about the sexual exploitation of children, but we do not here politicians address this in their campaign speeches.

There are many more things that Harris is still silent about. However, she took the time to sympathize with Smollett and at once put together Justice for Victims anti-lynching legislation, for a fake victim, and that is why it is offensive.

Harris did all this to gain an advantage in her bid for the presidency, and not because she cared about Black people or other people of color. Race-baiting, political profiteering stunts like this steal the life from all true claims of racism, and gives a birthright to all forms of injustice, and must not be tolerated. Harris, a former prosecuting attorney in the state of California showed no mercy when she tried cases in court. At all times, her political career took precedence over fair play and she ascended on the backs of those who could not afford adequate legal representation.

Harris and Maxine Waters are applauded, but what have they really done all these years to help to better the quality of life in their perspective districts? It took the death of Nipsy Hussle, to shine a glaring light of the gross incompetence of the Black leadership in California.  The Black Caucus in Congress and on the state levels, do nothing more than place band-aids on gaping wounds.

Why is there outrage when a white police officer kills a black person, but no anger when black people murder one another? I mean NONE! If Black people do not care about their own lives, or one another’s, why should we expect anyone else to care? That does not make any sense whatsoever.

The Black leadership sits idle like it’s okay for hundreds of children to die in one week in a city like Chicago. But let a white police officer kill a Black criminal and all hell will break loose among the leadership. The requirement for outrage is that a white police officer must kill a Black male, who was involved in some type of criminal activity.

Now, if you are an innocent black man or a Black woman, and you experience some type of injustice as an honest person, well, you are on your own. Suddenly, the black leadership becomes blind, mute, and deaf simultaneously until the race-baiting season begins, the elections. If the black leadership cannot profit off the pain and suffering of the Black experience, the individual is expendable to the collective.

The predatory nature of the Black leadership sabotages the efforts of those people who care and are trying to help people every day. It complicates, what must always remain simple, and that is the right for each person to have a decent quality of life.

The blood of Black children is flowing in the streets, not because of white police brutality, only. These young people are looking at the state of the Black leadership, and to them the future is hopeless. Children have the uncanny ability to see things as they are, and not as they want them to be. They are honest like that.

What was more pathetic than the “take the knee” campaign in the NFL? How did that help? It didn’t, people are still dying in the streets. Football players are still dying from undiagnosed Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The only person that has truly benefited from this distraction is the one who created it. Clearly, CTE is real, because he sued for the right to be continuously exposed to it. Of course, the owners humored the players and indulged their idiosyncrasies.

The NFL is worth billions, and the owners were not going to completely cut off the cash flow.  The fact that owned people, who agreed to be submissive for a fee, imagined that they had rights that should be indefinitely respected, was indeed a peculiarity. The NFL did not agree to a safe word beforehand; therefore, the owners just waited for the whole thing to blow over, and it did.

Exploitation at its finest: here are players who are owned, taking the knee and asking for their rights to be respected. Taking the knee for anything is a form of submission, not power, or protest. This is why people get down on their knees to pray. So, there’s that.

Do they care about being owned, exploited, and CTE? No, they care about still drawing a paycheck under their contract and pretending to care about social justice. These players are owned as I said before and must wear uniforms and shoes made by companies that play a part in the global forced labor market.

Yet, they were taking the knee and not saying the Pledge of Allegiance, claiming to protest injustice against people of color and police brutality. In their lives, what is more brutal than CTE; and the fact that their owners do not care if the players get it, as long as the team wins and makes a profit? If they cared about themselves, which is a requirement for truly caring about others, these players would have quit the team, refused to be owned, and not consent to get CTE.

White supremacy is not the reason young people feel despair.

The despair comes from the fact that Black leadership has supported and reinforced the idea that if one is BLACK in America; they cannot be successful unless they are an athlete or a rapper. Intelligent scholars do not one to be either of the two. The Black leadership does not support or enforce the idea that a Black person can be an investment banker, venture capitalist, software engineer, game designer, tycoon, or anything that requires true spiritual, emotional, and mental ascension from the gutter.

There are no private schools or institutions for Black scholars from the inner city. There is nothing but pebbles of gross exploitation masquerading as hope. The Black leadership encourages Black people to claim and accept these impoverished communities in the inner city as their own so that the leadership will have a voting bloc. No, these are not Black communities. These are poor communities with a disproportionate amount of Blacks living in them. Who in their right mind would ever accept poverty as their birthright?

By their behavior and conduct the Black leadership has ruthlessly supported and enforced the idea that Black children are worthless, and the only purpose that they serve is exploitation. The politicians and preacher-pimps exploit their parents alike. Intelligent scholars cannot abide by these rules.

The Black leadership has supported and enforced the idea that lawlessness and criminality improve the quality of life for Blacks. All the while these leaders sit on the boards of private prison companies, and their campaigns coffers are filled by PACs and SUPER PACS. Intelligent scholars cannot accept this as a way of life. Beg, borrow or steal is no way to live, and yet, this is they lifestyle that meets the approval of the Black leadership.

In sum, these Black children can see through the bullsh*t of the Black leadership, and they understand that these Black politicians, leaders, and activist are doing everything in their power to diminish the Black child’s quality of life.

The children have accepted what their parents have refused for years to even entertain, and because the children know the truth, they feel hopeless. Hopelessness and self-hatred go hand in hand, and these children are killing themselves, by murdering one another. Meanwhile, the Black leadership continues to heap praise on one another as they receive useless NAACP awards and scream about the injustice of white supremacy from their podiums. Most of these people are pathetic on an incomprehensible level.

What about the injustice of Black supremacy, which is the twin flame, the direct counterpart of white supremacy? Both of them serve the same purpose and fight for the same cause, which is control over the lives of the individual. The Black leadership is not interested in equality or justice. What they want is control. They want power and that is what they are competing with the white supremacist to get. Why do treaties exist? They exist to curtail power. They are agreements that prevent one supremacist from infringing on the territory of another supremacist. It’s all about control and power; not equality and justice.

There has never been, and never will be a mass exodus of freedom. Freedom is not free; therefore, its achievement is individual and extremely personal. One must choose freedom, because it forces itself on no one, and will not be found by shopping in the bargain basement of life. The first price that one must pay for true freedom, is seeing people and things as they are, and not as we want them to be. Whenever and wherever the truth is rejected, the person walks on the path of error and falsehood from that moment on. Therefore, they must turn around and go back to where they rejected the truth, to get back on the correct path.

The Smollett event was self-serving, and he alone is paying the price, and that is a gross injustice. Smollett is not innocent, but he was extremely gullible. He was a pawn in an immensely powerful game, and now he is standing knee deep in someone else bullsh*t, and that is something that must not be ignored.

The anti-lynching legislation is not the issue in and of itself. The issue is that members of Congress and Al Sharpton played a part in the Smollet case and no one is whispering a word about that. How does anyone explain or ignore the fact that on January 21st, Harris announced that she was running for president in 2020, then on January 22nd, Smollett gets his first letter from his so-called attackers?

Who can explain or ignore that on January 27th Smollett had contact with Al Sharpton and other members of the so-called Black leadership, and tweeted the same day, “Frauds are everywhere Y’all”, and the next day January 28th, two black men from Africa were seen on surveillance footage purchasing ski mask and a MAGA hat?

The fact that these men were not American is especially important because it is highly likely that they were promised full citizenship for members of their family or themselves if they helped Smollett. It is not a coincidence that they flew to Africa directly after the staged attack, or later decided to sue their attorney after she defended them.

Two days after meeting with Sharpton and friends, on January 29th, Smollett claimed to be attacked by white Trump supporters wearing a MAGA hat. Three days later February 1st, Corey Booker announced that he was running for president in 2020, and he teamed up with Harris behind closed doors to support her bill. On February 14th, the bill passed and on February 16th the public was informed that Smollett’s attackers were black and not white.

If there are reasonable explanations for the sequence of these events, I will be more than happy to listen to what they are. Furthermore, it is fundamentally wrong to continually point the finger at white people and ask them to give an account of their race-baiting tactics but ignore Blacks and other people of color when they do the same thing.

The requests for equality on every level demands equal accountability. True equality has nothing to do with the Civil Rights Act, which only protects segregated rights. True equality has everything to do with Citizenship Rights, which includes the protection of the civil rights and liberties of every Citizen of the United States of America, regardless of the color of their skin. That means that each citizen deserves to be respected, and not race-baited for votes.

We don’t need Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. First, a runaway slave on any denomination of money does not make sense. A slave is an impoverished individual. Secondly, it would have made more sense to request that Shirley Anita Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to the United States Congress, be placed on the $20 bill, than Harriet Tubman if we are talking about Black progress. At least we know for certain that Chisholm existed, and that is all that I am going to say about that. Harriet Tubman, like the Confederate flag, belongs in a museum. It is beyond time for Black people to move forward.

Lastly, the black leadership knew that Harriet Tubman was not going on the $20 bill when they promised it. It was nothing more than a race-bait for votes. They know full well that the paper currency in this country does not belong to the United States. The currency is Federal Reserve bank notes, and Congress regardless of what they say cannot change the faces on those notes without the approval of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors.

The Federal Reserve’s board will not give their approval for a slave to be on their money, because those faces that are on the currency represent their absolute authority everywhere the United States has authority in the world. In 1956, the Federal Reserve agreed to have “In God We Trust”, placed on the paper currency, and that phrase has nothing to do with a heavenly supreme being. The faces that are on the money are 100% political and imperial and represent the dependency of the middle-class and the poor, on the credit masquerading as real money that the Federal Reserve offers as it accumulates debt for generations.

As said before, we don’t need Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. What we need is freedom from all the debt that the Federal Reserve is generating for future generations. Why must we fight over something that doesn’t even belong to the United States in the first place? It’s time to wake up and realize that debt slavery is indiscriminate and very much a part of this country. If you doubt this, take a good look at the Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Securities here: are the amounts that the United States owes to other countries. Enough said.

As I said before, Black people are not powerless, they have just rejected knowledge. In every era and culture, regardless of race, the most efficient predator has always been the person who resembled and completely identified with its prey. Let that marinate for a while because African chiefs played a huge role in the transatlantic slave trade. They sold Black people into slavery.

You can read more about that here: African chiefs urged to apologize for slave trade

The Atlantic slave trade

Africans who played an active role in the Transatlantic slave trade Black African’s are STILL selling other Blacks into slavery today, in what is called The Libyan/Trans-Mediterranean Slave Trade.

Humans For Sale: Libyan Slave Trade Continues While Militants Kill and Torture With Impunity, U.N. Says The Libyan/Trans-Mediterranean Slave Trade, the African Union, and the Failure of Human Morality

It is beyond time for the Black Citizens of the United States to keep it one hundred, about the part that Blacks played and are playing in the enslavement of other blacks. Blacks who claim that the whites are solely responsible for the deteriorating of race relations are fooling themselves, and this level of self-deception has no external remedy. All slave traders, dealers, and buyers are criminals regardless of their skin color because the theft of human life is a crime.

Criminality is indiscriminate, and organized crime is very profitable; therefore, slave trading continues, and the alliance between Black, white, and other ethnicities of the criminal elite is strengthened. If one understands this, everything else will fall into place; and then they can refuse to allow themselves to be exploited by the criminals of their tribes.

This is 2019, and besides those who are enslaved under the punishment clause of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, there has not been a single legal chattel slave since 1865. Furthermore, even during slavery, not all blacks that lived in the United States were slaves, some were free and owned slaves.

Blacks exploited other Blacks in the same way that Black leadership is doing today, and yet they call for reparations. When we called for reparations, are we going to include the Chinese people who built the railroads for free? Are we going to include the Native Americans who were massacred and made enemies of the state by virtue of their existence in this land?

No, we are not, because for years the closed society of the elite Blacks have been so-called tracing their bloodlines, and the only Blacks in this country that will get reparations are those who can “prove” that their ancestors were slaves. However, this is not something that Harris and Booker are making known as they call for reparations.

How many generational Black families will have the necessary genealogy paper to prove their ancestral lineage? Few, if any. Therefore, the very fact that Harris and Booker are campaigning on the promise of reparations for all Blacks, is nothing more than a form of race-baiting for votes, and an offense to all intelligent people.

It is time for the race-baiting to stop. However, it will never stop as long as there are people who are willing to lower their standards and support it. It is time to raise the standards in politics all around the board. The Citizens of the United States of America, regardless of the color of their skin, or political views deserve better.

Thank you for reading my blog post and this message. This email does not require a formal response, and none is requested.

Thank you for your time.


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