Republicans Epitomize Trump As Their Goliath

John Johnson

By John Johnson

The biblical story of Goliath told in the Book of Samuel is about the giant Philistine who threaten to destroy the people of Israel. This starve also unveils how Saul, the King, who should’ve defended his people against Goliath, was unfit to rule. Thus, David, a young boy, was chosen to engage in combat to defend Israel. David, with just a mere sling, launched a single stone striking Goliath, who stood eight feet, between his eyes and killing him.

Who would have thought that during the 21st Century Republicans would epitomize Trump as their Goliath and threaten to destroy America’s democracy? Sadly, just as Saul wasn’t fit to lead his people, Republicans have chosen Trump, an unfit  narcissistic former president, as their leader.

Republicans must heed their undemocratic ways because a mighty lesson can be learned from the biblical story of Goliath. The lesson is that their evil white supremacy ideology will not prevail.

Unfortunately, though the fabric of America’s democracy remains woven with fibers of racism and bigotry, it remains ours to defend and to make more perfect. Fortunately, there have always been individuals to emerge such as King David, Dr. Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas, Malcom X, and a hosts of others yet to come to defend against evil doers.

However, at the perilous moment in the history of America’s democracy, the question is, “who will emerge as the leader or leaders to defend this Nation against the 21st century Goliath, Donald Trump?”


YOU BE THE judge!

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