Blood is on Everyone’s Hands

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

    Don’t let the bombs fool you. The Donald Trump ordered assassination of an Iranian military general and the murders of Iraqi military leaders on Iraqi soil shows that the President must be removed from office as soon as possible!

What kind of American Commander in Chief would rush to talk to Russia about killing someone and refusing to tell Congress and the citizens of the United States?

Furthermore, reports and rumors suggest that Israeli intelligence agencies were the ones targeting the Iranian general and Trump was more than happy to order the kill shot for the Jews.

Trump wants to take the focus off his impeachment for his abuses of Presidential power and obstruction of Congress by killing Iraqi allies and the Iranian who they were meeting with.

America can’t afford to have a racist, nationalist and imperialist puppet of foreign despots bombing countries and people at will.

Donald Trump has shown the world who he is and the world should believe him.

He dodged being drafted in the US military, he fired every military mind that was in or near White House military decisions, he openly said he believed America’s greatest enemy more than he believed America’s own intelligence agencies, he withdrew from an agreement that many Western nations had with Iran that prevented nuclear proliferation and Donald Trump gave the Green Light to Turkey to kill Kurds that had been fighting alongside of American soldiers in Iraq and Syria.

It is not unusual for Presidents on the verge of losing an election and facing removal from office to try to start a war.

The US imperialist press is happy to report whatever scenarios they are told to report. For example, terrorists are whoever the President says are terrorists and enemies are whoever a lying President says are enemies.

Well, a rudimentary look at so-called “terrorist groups” that helped and supported by people defined as “proxys” will lead you to believe many so-called terrorists are just like members of the US Congress. Many members of Hamas are elected officials in Palestine. Some members of Hezbollah are elected officials in Lebanon.

“People that disagree with US foreign policy” is not the definition of the word terrorist. A terrorist is a white supremacist that murders Black people praying in church or a white nationalist that shoots up a synagogue.

Terrorists are the kind of individuals that Donald Trump calls “fine people”.

Nothing good can come out of the United States going to war in the Middle East.

Most of the conflicts in the region are religious in nature. The Holy Quran states that all humanity should live in peace as brethren.

However, Sunni and Shia Muslims have been confronting each other ever since the death of Prophet Muhammad.

If you don’t know Trump’s family business partners who are allowed to murder American journalists are Sunni and Iran and Iraq both are heavily populated with Shias.

You can find lists of Muslim differences with a mere internet search.

Black people, don’t get caught up in taking the side of one sect over the other and don’t let devilish politicians tell you that freedom fighters are terrorists.

Blood is on everybody’s hands! And, blood is on every government’s bankrolls!

Iran will avenge the murder of its country man on Iraqi soil by an American President seeking to start a war to help his reelection.

I hope no civilians die because of what Trump did.


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