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Brother Poem

poetBrother Poem

By Dwight Jones

 Brotha, can you hear the chains?

The chains of the very same thing,

That very same thing we were talking about?

Black on Black crime.


Black lives matter, yeah they do

But what does it matter if we

Killin off each otha?

Said we had anothera’s back

Even though we stay killin ar brothas.


And brotha, just like the big bang;

There’s a big bang!

And there goes another brotha building

Anotha’s grave.


There’s a lot goin on in this world Rajon,

Know the real from the fakes

The friends from the snakes

And brotha, think before every move you make


Cuz this world is evil,

The flesh is critical,

And the people stereotypical,

Not every Black man ends up shot

Or a criminal

So show em brotha

Show em what you make of

And when you finished,

Thank the man above!

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