Broward County Library Wins Florida Library Association Marketing Award

Alprazolam Purchase Online Can Online Doctors Prescribe Xanax BROWARD COUNTY, FL — Broward County Library’s Marketing, Publicity & Communications Team won the 2019 Florida Library Association (FLA) Excellence in Marketing and Public Relations Award. This statewide recognition was awarded for the team’s successful campaign to increase awareness and usage of the library’s electronic resources including music, movies, TV shows and eBooks. Promotional efforts included a strategic combination of print pieces, social media and electronic communications to spread the message to the community. Within a year, customer use of electronic resources increased 38.8%. The entire campaign was produced and created in-house by the Library Marketing Team: Stephen Grubb, Vena Paylo, Catherine McElrath, Pam Smith, Della Attisani and Ari Rothenberg.”We’re honored to receive this award and to be recognized by our peers,” says Stephen Grubb, Broward County Library Public Information Officer. “The goal of the Marketing Team – and Broward County Library as a whole – is to provide the highest level of service to our customers and our community. We’re thrilled that this campaign helped raise public awareness and use of the library’s amazing free resources.”The award, which recognizes outstanding strategic marketing or public relations projects or campaigns that show measurable results, will be presented along with 16 other awards at FLA’s annual conference, held this year from May 15th-17th in Orlando, Florida.”In addition to acknowledging the outstanding efforts of our Marketing Team, the Florida Library Association’s ‘Excellence in Marketing” award lets us know that we’re not only letting our customers know what we have, we’re delivering what our customers want,” says Broward County Library Director Kelvin Watson, who was the recipient of FLA’s 2019 “Librarian of the Year” award.

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