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Broward Estates Elementary Magnet School Sprouting STEM presents:’A Night at the Museum’

broward-stem-program18Broward Estates Elementary Magnet School  Sprouting STEM presents:’A Night at the Museum’

By Charles Moseley

The one constant phenomenon since the world began has been that the earth is ever evolving and as such, it is imperative that mankind embraces this evolutionary process.  As the modern day world turns Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or S.T.E.M., has become as fundamental in the contemporary educational structure as the 3 R’s. Cyntheria J. Hunt identified herself as, “the proud principal of Broward Estates Elementary Magnet School.”

“I want the community to know that at Broward Estates we are raising student achievement through having kids explore, explain, experiment, and engage in technological activities, the sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, the Museum Concept. Our students here at Broward Estates are going to take on a different role tonight where they’re going to show the solar systems and they’re going to be able to ex-plain their project-based learning activities which they’ve experienced for the last four weeks.”

On that note Broward E-states Elementary students un-veiled their Sprouting STEM Projects during a program entitled, “A Night at the Museum,” on May 28, 2014. The program was well attended by parents who came out to witness some of Broward County Public Schools’ best and brightest display their talents in the STEM world of modern technology.

Sprouting STEM is one facet of The Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP), which began funding through the 2010 MSAP grant which specifically targets a diverse student population to help increase enrollment from different socio-economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds which is designed to reduce if not eliminate minority group isolation at six schools, including Broward Estates Elementary which are designated to participated in the school system’s Sprouting STEM Museum Magnet Program.

“The Museum Night for STEM employs the museum mo-del concept which involves researching, exploring, experimenting, and explaining while actively engaging students to think critically and creatively making STEM connections,” said Broward Estates Elementary  Science Coach Wayne Lovett.

“Using the Socratic method Paideia, differentiated instruction, and technological literacy, the breadth of learning for students will expand with the STEM Museum model, as students approach academics and education in an enquiry based interactive learning environment expanding beyond the classroom walls,” added Lovett.

Cora Brown’s son Quentin Baker is a first grader who attends Broward Estates. She came out to lend her support to the school’s efforts.

“I came out to see what this STEM Program has to offer my son. I think it’s great because I’m actually gearing him to these types of careers, which are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics be-cause I think those are the careers that students actually need to be investing their time and energies in. Those are the careers that will take them into the future.”

Third grader Anthony Freeman participated in the program as a spokesperson for the part of the program entitled, “The Sun and our Solar System.”

“I’m going to talk about how the sun affects the solar system. My favorite subject is science. I want to be a science teacher when I grow up.”

Parent Joseph Robinson also attended the program and has two children Alexis and Joseph who attend Broward Estates. Robinson encouraged other parents to support programs such as these as well as setting an example for their children as parents engaged in their children’s education.

“I think it’s important for parents to come out to their kid’s school not just for special events but for the education and matriculation throughout their schooling. We should stay in constant contact with their teachers and administrators so that they have not only sending their children to learn but so that they are not just spinning their wheels so they know from the teachers and administrators how their child is progressing throughout the year.”



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