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Broward students receive$100,000 in school supplies

Broward students receive school supplies

Broward students receive$100,000 in school supplies

Submitted by Broward Teachers Union Communications

    Thousands of Broward students will be receiving nearly $100,000 in new school supplies in the coming weeks thanks to the United Way of Broward County and a generous donation from Publix Super Markets, Incorporated.

   Members of the Broward Teachers Union will be using new pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, glue and many other supplies with their Broward County students after the union teamed up with the United Way through its Tools for Schools program to distribute a semi-truck load of materials generously paid for by Publix.

     Distributing four semi-truck loads of much needed supplies presented a large challenge, but hundreds of Broward instructional staff arrived at three distributions to pick up the donated supplies and transported them back their schools. Nearly all schools in Broward County will benefit from the free classroom materials.

   “Our union gladly collaborated with the United Way for this important project because it will directly help our county’s teachers; support staff, and students,” BTU President Sharon Glickman continued, “Our teachers and their students cannot thank the United Way and Publix enough for sponsoring such an important program. We hope that it will continue in future years.”

   According to the National Education Association, teachers, on average, spend $826 out of their own pockets per year for classroom supplies. Although the nation’s economy continues to slowly show signs of improving, Broward schools along with districts across Florida have experienced budget cut backs.

  “These supplies will mean a great deal for our school,” Dillard Elementary School Pace Advisor Katrina Blanks said. “I am so grateful to the United Way and my union brothers and sisters for allowing this school supply giveaway to take place for Broward County students.”


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