Brown face and empty seats

Sensible Sue’s Rhetoric

Brown face and empty seats

By Sensible Sue

      If the Romney campaign’s strategy is to push Mitt Romney to say as many pompous, arrogant, ignorant, and culturally offensive things as he possibly can, then I would think that congratulations are in order, because their mission has been accomplished.

     Just plain wrong on so many levels is probably the most accurate description that anyone can come up with to describe the multitude of follies that have clumped together into the complete mess that is the core of Romney’s campaign, and somehow I foolishly believed that the spectacle of buffoonery that he unleashed at the NAACP Convention earlier this year was the dumbest thing ever. Remember when he told a room full of BLACK people that once he was President his very first act would be to repeal Obamacare, and then Romney went on to say that he was the best person to represent BLACK folks. Lord that seems like it was so long ago.

     If I live to be 999 years old, I will never in my life forget that Romney was stupid and aloof enough to tell people that he continues to insult on a daily basis, “You take a look.” At that particular point in time, I was just trying to figure out what it was that Romney wanted us to see and months later I am still trying my hardest to figure it out, because when it comes to Romney, there just are no words to describe him.

     After making a complete fool out of himself it was later reported by several media outlets that Romney had padded the audience at the NAACP Convention, and now we have learned that old Mittens has done it once again. According to Maria Elena Salinas, Romney threatened not to follow through with the Univision appearance if his demands were not met.

     Apparently, both Romney and President Obama had agreed to distribute their share of the tickets allotted mainly to students, but Romney’s campaign backed out of that deal at the last minute and demanded that activists that the Romney campaign had bussed in be used to fill the seats instead.

     Salinas told Buzz-Feed that tickets for the two forums were divided between the campaigns, the network, and the host of the event, the University of Miami. The Romney camp came to the realization after contacting the conservative groups located on the campus that they could not scrape up enough students to fill the seats for Romney’s appearance so the Romney folks informed Univision and University of Miami officials that they might have to reschedule if they were not given an exemption to the students-only rule.

     Romney also threw a fit over his introduction, and refused to come out on stage until Univision reshot it. Apparently Romney did not like the notation made by Jorge Ramos that he would only be available for 35 minutes, but President Obama had promised an hour.

     To add even further insult to an already excruciating experience, Romney referred to members of the Latino community as illegals and he refused to give a straight answer in regards to immigration reform.

     So to sum this all up, Romney goes to speak to a forum hosted by the Latino community, he throws a tantrum, acts like a complete jerk, uses a racial slur, and does all of this while wearing what many have described as Brown Face. DANG!!! Way to go Mittens, now that’s the way to round up them there votes. Hee Haw!




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