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Call to Arms for John McCain

John McCain

Call to Arms for John McCain

By Don Valentine

Among the many debatable lines the Trump administration may have crossed, this one is indisputable!  No moral person would make a joke about a man dying of brain cancer. Senator McCain or any human should not be subjected to that type of incivility.

The N.Y. Times reported “the White House declined on Friday to renounce or apologize for an aide whose joke at a meeting that Senator John McCain was irrelevant because he would soon die.”  In addition to being a long time member of the most exclusive fraternity in the world (U.S. Senate), he spent 5 years in a P.O.W. camp refusing to leave until all of his comrades were released!

M.S.N.B.C. correspondent and 20 year Navy Chief Malcolm Nance said “I would have fired anyone on the spot that dared to say that about an American hero, even in a joking manner.” We only know about this because according to N.B.C. five White House staffers had the courage to leak this out to the press. Readers do you have the same courage to spend 1 minute to email one of our Senators? Express your view about this insult on Presidential protocol. Trump needs to respect the office of the Presidency.  If we don’t speak up….then in the words of Alexander Hamilton, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!”

1.Senator Marco Rubio [R]


Phone: (305) 418-8553

  1. Senator Bill Nelson [D]


Phone: (954) 693-4851


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