Miami-Dade Suppliers & Business attend final call for Super Bowl LIV Business Connect Program

Hundreds of business owners gathered to network and understand what it takes to do business with the National Football League (NFL) when South Florida hosts Super Bowl LIV in 2020. In its final session to reach Miami-Dade County disadvantaged businesses & suppliers, the Super Bowl LIV Business Connect program sponsored an informational session on Saturday March 16, 2019 at Florida International University. […]


Voter Suppression a Lasting Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade  

In Federalist No. 54, James Madison wrote about the chief concern of the representation of slaves concerning taxation and representation, Thorne said.

     “This federalist paper states that slaves are property as well as people, therefore requiring some, but not full, representation. Ultimately a decision was made to count every three out of five slaves through the creation of the Three-Fifths Compromise,” he said. […]