Biden Says, ‘The Black Vote Will Determine the Nominee’

     “I got started in the African American community. I got involved in the Civil Rights Movement when I was a kid. I helped desegregate a movie theater, that kind of thing,” Biden noted. “I was the only guy who worked in the projects on the East East Side who was White. That’s how I got started, and the Black community is the community that, as we say, brung me to the dance. That’s how I got elected.” […]

National News

Local Black-Owned Convenience Store Celebrates 70 Years

     Meet Henry Schipes, the owner of Mr. Discount Plus Store, a Black-owned convenience store in Bakersfield, California that has continued to operate for 70 years and still remains strong until today. The family-run business is proud to celebrate, not just their successful years in the business, but also their long-term service to the community! […]