After 51 Years, Fair Housing Still An Unfinished Journey

April 17, 2019 Carma Henry 0

     “According to the National Fair Housing Alliance, individuals filed 28,843 housing discrimination complaints in 2017,” said Waters. “Under the Trump Administration, fair housing protections are under attack…. According to news reports Secretary Carson proposed taking the words ‘free from discrimination’ out of HUD’s mission statement.” […]

Black Studies becomes major factors in social

April 17, 2019 Carma Henry 0

     At the modern HCBU campuses, most have established courses in Black Studies, but few have departments dedicated to the field. Only Howard and Clark Atlanta universities offer a Master of Arts in Black Studies. Howard is the only HBCU to offer a doctoral program in African Studies; eight traditionally White institutions (including Princeton and Yale) also offer a Ph. D in African Studies. […]

Wordz of Wilson – Black Heroes

April 17, 2019 Carma Henry 0

I believe celebrating our heroes does as much for us as it does them. Most who put in work to improve our communities, using whatever resources they have, don’t do it for flowers, applause, or any other recognition. However, is it too much to ask of ourselves to let them know they are seen and valued? […]

What Does it Mean to Teach Peace?

April 17, 2019 Carma Henry 0

      Depending on your age, people associate peace with protesting the Vietnam War, songs, movies and marches of the 1960’s, the time before 9/11, quiet getaway retreats, or their yoga class. So, what does it mean to teach peace and how would one do it? I think the why is obvious. […]

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Corruption Permeates Every Aspect of Trump’s Business

April 10, 2019 Carma Henry 0

     As President Trump continues to tell Americans that he is being audited, the House Ways & Means committee made a request to the IRS. “Democrats are seeking Trump’s tax returns to investigate allegations of corruption against the president and his businesses, and the president’s legal team is promising a vigorous fight to keep them private,” says David Knowles of the Yahoo News. […]

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