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Trump’s Power Africa Initiative

You can travel to any nation within Africa and there will be one thing that is constant: China trading interests and influence is there at every airport, many construction projects. ...

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Impeach, indict, and sanction

Impeach, indict, and sanction ...

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The Democratic Dilemma

The Democratic Dilemma ...

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Congress Open Your Eyes and Face Truthful Facts

     The world is now going into the year 2019 and we are still not working to slow down climate change that has been creating destruction all over the world. Citizens have their part to do as well to help to interrupt this dangerous climate change. We do not need to point fingers at who is responsible for this change. ...

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Ruling with rats

     Maria Butina, rat. She is Russian, she was caught as a foreign agent who never registered. She pled guilty to spying for Russia and conspiracy to hijack the NRA, and presumably is spilling the beans in order to reduce the consequences of her nefarious activities helping funnel NRA $millions plus loud endorsement to Trump. ...

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Border Security

     It’s the phrase “border security” that freezes my soul every time I hear it uttered, every time I see it in print — so simplistically obvious, the equivalent of keeping your door locked. Did you ever have your cellphone swiped? If you’re careless about this, you’ll pay the price. ...

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Weaponizing Humanitarian Aid

The original humane goal has now vanished, and the secondary political aim has taken its place. The Trump administration is explicitly using humanitarian aid as another weapon to sanction adversaries. ...

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It’s Not Just Felons Who Need a Second Chance at Voting

     It’s not just the 1.4 million convicted felons whose rights were restored by Amendment 4 that need a review on voting. Given the political turmoil in the Sunshine State during the November election, we should all refresh our voter knowledge before the next political campaign season. And, we should prepare for a renewed spotlight on Florida. ...

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