Changing our local city, county, state and Federal Constitution creates chaos

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Changing our local city, county, state and  Federal Constitution creates chaos

I have been listening and watching the differences in the United States Bill of rights stripped away slowly, along with our U. S. Constitution and our States Constitution as well too, being facilitated inconspicuously. Where is our Freedom of Speech going? It seems that the influx of new immigrants from all over the world into the United States of whom many of them may not wish to learn the language of English, nor to assimilate themselves into the U. S. culture of Democracy is possibly one of the problems causing this dilemma.

They are now in many of the controlling jobs positions and hiring only mostly Hispanic employees, with the exception of hiring Blacks and some others in the lower paying positions. It may also have much to do with greed by our country’s’ leaders who also do not want all government business to be transparent in local city, county, state, and government daily functions. Are we U. S. citizens willing to allow this dilemma to continue disrupting and disorganizing our Democratic culture of society as it once was created by our Founding Fathers? We must realize that we already have states with constitutions, city and county rules and regulations, and government rules and regulations and laws that all U. S. citizens must abide by. I can say more, but much might be hurtful or offensive to some of us.

I’d rather say, all we must do is join together in love, peace, and learn to tolerate our cultural difference, and pray for each other. It seems to some of us, God is talking to us by earthly means and we seem not to be listening to Him. Pay attention everyone and let’s live in peace and harmony together. Do you know what I mean?


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