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By Melanated Glow

“The body needs movement. The mind needs silence.” were the words I heard when traveling past a yoga class at the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market. At the time, the class was in child’s pose, and they were instructed to quiet the mind. There is so much clarity in the quiet that it is necessary to balance the hustle and bustle of everyday life with stillness. It is important to have proper perspective when formulating opinions or making decisions. This clear thought process comes from being able to review the situation from a place where outside influences and non-related emotions are not a factor. Those objective positions exist when we can silence the distractions and focus on what needs the attention.

Foundational development occurs while our minds are in the alpha and theta brainwave cycles from ages zero to seven. These are the years where we are programmed. Every situation and instance become a part of our development. We internalize every situation and process everything that is happening to us like how we reflect on things in a meditative state as adults. The state that we strive to get to, children in this age range are in 100% of the time. I wonder if our parents knew this because they were very adamant about children not being in “grown folks’ conversations.” They instinctively knew that what they were discussing did not need to be in the minds of their children.

Starting at the age of eight, our brainwave cycles increase from eight-13 cycles per second to above 13 cycles per second in beta state. This state allows for analytical thinking based upon what the person was exposed to as the subconscious mind is functioning automatically at this time. Therefore, we must quiet our minds in order to change our programming, habits, etc. Quieting our minds essentially is slowing the cycles per second our brains are processing at and changing the state of our minds simultaneously.

So biologically and neurologically, we need silence. Even parents hide from their children at times to get some “peace and quiet” indicating that they are one and the same. Even when we are quiet and our thoughts are silent, there is always movement. There is movement inside of our bodies and around us. Nothing is ever not in motion. But that slowing down of our brainwave cycles is enough to put us in a state where we can see above and beyond whatever it is that we are faced with to arrive at a beneficial conclusion.

When we are in a deep sleep, we are in a Delta state which is the lowest brain wave cycle at 0.5 to 4 cycles per second. This is the same state that the fetus is in while in the womb and in the infant state when they are doing a lot of sleeping. There is subconscious communication occurring during sleep but that should not be the only time we are able to unplug from everything going on around us to gain proper perspective on what is truly going on. We have everything we need inside of us, sometimes we just need to tap into it. But if we need rest and our minds refuse to give in, our bodies will force us to sit down. Those forced sits usually come with illness and are not as pleasant as doing it yourself.

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