‘Code Red’

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Leja Williams, 15

By Leja Williams

On December 2, 2019, one of the students on my school campus came to school with a gun in his possession. It was the first class of the day and the principal called over the intercom that we were on a ‘Code Red’.

At first everyone in my class thought it was a monthly drill, but unfortunately we heard all the police sirens and the police helicopter. A lot of the students said it was something in the neighborhood, but we looked at the news and saw otherwise.

We were all in my class with the lights off and we were in a corner and we heard the door handle wiggle and a police officer unlocked our classroom door and walked in; they looked around then they left.

A couple of kids in my class were actually crying because it was very scary and we, the students, didn’t know what was going on.

When the Code Red was over, we waited until they rang the bell which was the signal for us to return to our next class.

The office was filled with lots of concerned parents and a lot of kids actually left the school for the rest of the day.

That experience is something that I will never forget.


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