Collateral Damage

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      Collateral damage is any death, injury, or other damage inflicted that is an unintended result of military operations, political operations or illegal operations.

The President of the United States is killing the American political system and the American way of life by ignoring his oath of office, ignoring his Constitutional obligations, by lying on a daily basis, by using his Presidential powers by to benefit himself personally, politically and financially and by otherwise violating various rules of law.

The imperialist press has often opined on Donald Trump’s inappropriate and lawless behavior but when other elected officials exhibit the same behavior the newspapers, magazines, TV stations and radio stations that you love turn their backs and glare at public official misconduct with blind eyes!

Many people have become victims of political misconduct but Black Americans, in my opinion, have been politically terrorized and brutalized the most.

African Americans and other Americans of color have been led to believe that elected officials with increased levels of melanin are different than melanin deprived public office holders.

Well, most politicians are like most politicians. If your Black or Hispanic  office holder that represents your city, state or district cannot take a $500 campaign contribution from a political party, a corporation or a lobbyist and still vote against those interests to vote for legislation that the people who voted for you want, you are a traitor to your constituents and perhaps a traitor to your race!

There are local and state elected officials that abuse their political power and their political positions more often than you think. They purchase stock in companies that they regulate, they vote for zoning changes in areas near where they own land, they give their family members, friends, cronies and partners in crime government contracts and jobs and deny those opportunities to equally or more qualified citizens, they take extravagant trips and get expensive gifts from individuals that want government considerations in return and they will refuse to meet and talk to you  about government issues while they roll out the red carpet for outlaws and thieves.

Yes, the people have always been collateral damage when politicians fight against the truth, fight against the Constitution and fight against city charters, city ordinances and city codes.

As the colors of public office holders change, the political lawlessness remains the same.

Political polls suggest most Americans now believe that President Trump should be impeached because of his criminal and illegal conduct and the news networks and newspapers echo that sentiment everyday.

At the same time, the media ignores lawlessness in Black communities by Black elected officials.

If you send proof of Black elected official misconduct to the media, the white press will reject it, ignore it and discard it.

Don’t take my word for it, ask yourself if you know a Black politician that has taken a bribe, taken trips and expensive gifts, has used government employees and property for personal use, has used the City Seal, letterhead, postage and more for personal and political use or has used political knowledge to get sweetheart deals on land, property and business acquisitions.

We don’t need elected officials that are little Trumps dipped in chocolate. We need our representatives and elected officials to legislate for us, vote for us and fight for us on the political battlefield.

I know you don’t like for me to talk about people you love and voted for. You think The Gantt Report can cause you to lose your sidewalk, your traffic calmers or your changes in street names.

I say the politicians that look like you might love other people more than they love you!

The feelings and desires of every American are worthy and important but Black America’s lack of power, lack of prestige and lack of political progress has manifested itself in your political demise.

The behavior of people you voted for has not made your lives better. Politically speaking, you have become collateral damage. You have been the targets of unfriendly fire! (Contact Lucius at

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