Congratulations to all of the Olympians from the United States of America

Sensible Sue’s Rhetoric

Congratulations to all of the Olympians from the United States of America

By Sensible Sue


    First off, let me take a moment or two to send out Congratulations to all of the Olympians from the United States of America who have represented us all so well. The USA in not just doing it up over there in London, they are doing it up big, and are tearing down records like it is nobody’s business. Our athletes are showing the world that they not only aim to be the best, but they want to prove that they are the best without question or doubt.

    Now speaking of Olympic athletes who have proven without a doubt that they are not just the best that America has to offer, but have proven that they are the absolute best in the world, how about that cute little wonder named Gabby Douglas? What a breath of fresh air she is. This 16-year-old girl steps onto the biggest stage in the world, and out shines every competitor in her path, by breaking records, and becoming the first African American woman to win the individual gold all around gymnastics medal.

    Now you would think that all of the BLACK community would be buzzing about this incredibly poised, articulate, brilliant teenager who had defied gravity to accomplish what nobody else on Team USA could do, but nope, believe it or not some folks chose to talk about the girls hair, and the fact that it appeared that she had sweated out her perm.

    Now for those of you who took the time out of what surely must be your very empty, shallow, hollow and in-significant lives to talk about this girls hair on the internet, I have to say that beyond the fact that your astonishing and reprehensible comments on Face-book and Twitter showed you up for being the petty little Trolls that you are, but sadly it just proves once again that we still have a very very long way to go as a people.

    I mean, what the Hell? Gabby breaks down every barrier standing before her, and her hair is the only thing that some in the BLACK community could see. What in the world is wrong with us as a community that we actually choose to engage in such absurd and mindless conversation?

    Seriously, if you are BLACK and living in America, you should have greater concerns than the hair of a gold medal winning Olympian. Per-haps if some of you same people who had so much to say about Gabby’s hair would spend just a quarter of that time working towards lowering the unemployment rate among BLACKS, educating yourselves so that you are not as ignorant as you actually are when it comes to the political arena, watching your diet and taking care of your bodies so that you can stay off of the dialysis machines, and doing a better job of raising and preparing your your own children for greatness, our situation here in the land that we call the United States of America would be a lot better.

    It is time that we step away from the slave mentality. I mean for God’s sakes we have been free on paper at least, for a while now, yet we continue to shackle our own selves in the chains of skin color bigotry, tongue wagging of malicious rhetoric, and mindless and useless conversation, and jealousy and envy. For real, some of us are so unhappy with ourselves that we would much rather spend our entire lives tearing down someone who is young and full of promise than to try to figure out what we need to do to fix our personal issues.

    Before you open your mouths and fix your lips to run somebody else down it the dirt, some of you people really should drag your tired behinds to a full length mirror and take a long look at yourselves and ask that reflection staring back at you if he or she is perfect, without fallacies, and without fault. If you are truly honest with yourselves the answers to those questions would be no. As Michael Jackson sang, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to make a change…”, many of you need to do the same.

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