Coronavirus Report: July 13, 2020

By Marsha Mullings, MPH


3.3 million cases, 131,174 deaths


269,811 cases, 18,271 total hospitalizations, 4,242 deaths


29,650 cases, 2,535 total hospitalizations, 464 deaths

     *Florida has added over 69,000 new coronavirus cases since last week.

     *An average of 9,900 new cases are identified each day.

     *South Florida is the epicenter of this dramatic spike in coronavirus cases.

     *The median age of residents testing positive for coronavirus is 39.

Understand your risks

     *Crowded bars and restaurants. The virus survives in aerosolized form in crowded and poorly ventilated settings. Outdoor dining is safer. It is best to avoid crowded spaces as much as possible.

*Gyms and other indoor exercise facilities. Heavy breathing through exertion, as happens in these facilities, accelerates the spread of coronavirus. It is best to reduce exposure to these facilities.

*“Pandemic parties,” “COVID-19” parties and other private gatherings where crowds of individuals are in close contact and are possibly exposing themselves to infected individuals, are fueling the dramatic spike in cases among younger individuals.

Protect yourself

*Avoid close contact with others outside your household

*Limit exposure to crowded indoor areas

*Wash and sanitize hands as often as needed

*Cover face and nose in public settings

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