Coronavirus, thanks to Trump

Tom H. Hastings

By Tom H. Hastings

Trump has tossed open the door to coronavirus coming into the US. Thanks, Dear Leader.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had protocols for managing the exclusion and containment of the new viral disease and Trump ignored them. Indeed, he violated them and the result is we have the disease here in the US now, spreading.

Great work, Donald. You’ve now just made Americans sick, some will die, and the economy is headed to disaster, with global losses in excess of $5 trillion already and the impacts are only beginning. Businesses, schools, and agencies are closing from Japan to Germany and it’s all coming this way now, due to sheer moronic incompetency. The Ukraine root of Trump’s impeachment is looking flyspeck minor in contrast to what he has done now.

But why would I say this, that it’s Trump’s fault?

Because the CDC developed best practice medically sound methods of running an effective quarantine, which ought to have been applied to the exposed, infected, and quarantined cruise ship passengers locked down at Travis Air Force base in California.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar ignored those CDC protocols and sent some untrained, unequipped government employees into the quarantined area at Travis, who interacted with infected coronavirus patients. Then those unprotected exposed employees left and dispersed back to their communities, including the communities where the “mysterious” coronavirus patients began to pop up.

So, from Travis AFB, the virus spread to the northern California communities around the base, then to Portland, Oregon. It is now in the wild, a harbinger of a coming epidemic. Other HHS exposed employees got on commercial flights back to other parts of the US. Kiss this attempt to keep out the virus goodbye.

Thanks, Trump. Your boy Azar was so incompetent that the CDC demanded that their good name not be associated with his practices. Indeed, one of the personnel involved is now a whistleblower who tipped us all off to how this has gone down.

Did Trump intend to spread this virus? Did Putin tell him to do so? I mean, Trump has been shushing others, medical experts, who want to give the American public fair warning and advice.

Trump actually called COVID-19 a “hoax.”

This idiocy is worthy of carnival barker Alex Jones and his wild lies about…everything. Who is feeding “information” to Trump? He rejects it from scientists. He ignores and dismisses it from all the intelligence agencies. And now he disputes and silences the medical public health professionals and officials who are trying to save American lives.

Trump is a dangerous traitor.

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