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Dead witch walking

Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

Dead witch walking

By Lucius Gantt

      For all of Donald Trump’s first year as POTUS, he has been referring to investigations of him, his campaign, his transition team and the Oval Office as fake news or a “witch hunt”!

Well, the man that CALLED Black professional football players sons of “SOB”, in my mind, has witch, snitch and bitch problems in Washington, D.C.

Despite all of the Presidential push-back, anyone with eyes can see that many of the so-called best, most talented people hired by the President have been fired, replaced, indicted and jailed or put on house arrest. A couple of the President’s advisors have plead guilty to crimes such as lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and also on government security clearance forms and documents.

Don’t worry about what has been reported about investigations by the FBI and the Congressional committees in the U.S. House and Senate.

Worry about Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller!

When the White House says Mueller’s investigations have produced nothing, the fact is evidence has sur-faced to show the lies, the distractions, the cover ups, the back drafts and back back channels and the far too many meetings with the Russians that did everything they could to undermine American elections and undermine American Democracy!

Take my word for it. It seems Mueller has all he needs to have to bring charges on everybody in the West Wing. I believe Mueller has audio tapes, emails, photos, memos, documents, bank statements and tax returns  of some politicians that have re-fused to release them.

So, why are investigations continuing?

Mueller appears to be trying to nail the whole kit and kabuddle! He wants “Ali Baba”, and his forty political thieves!

Ok! Mueller is trying to cut off the “pardon” possibility at the pass! He is amassing federal crime information but also information about violations of state laws that can be used to bring state charges that cannot be pardoned by the President.

As I’ve written before, collusion, obstruction, perjury and false statements are not enough for Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Mueller is following the money!

When you follow the money it will lead to Russia’s desire to end American and American allies’ economic sanctions that hurt the Russian oil businesses, banking businesses and other businesses so much.

The money trail will also lead to money laundering, exorbitant real estate deals, payoffs, kick backs and maybe even bribes!

Yes, if all of the investigations going on in the nation’s capital are merely “witch hunts”, the witch has been spotted, surrounded and is about to be apprehended!

Nothing less than a political death in the form of an impeachment for the President and possible jail time is in store for his snitches and bitches.

Politically speaking, perhaps, President Donald Trump is a “Dead Witch Walking”!



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