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Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

Are you questioning, if preschool is right for your child’s wellbeing? Well, I will let you in on some vital information that will help you in your decision making!

The earlier you expose your child to a school environment; the better and easier it will be for your child to gain a well-educated platform and good social skills.

Children, who have never attended school, will not know what is socially acceptable within a school environment; even if they have siblings at home. Therefore at school, there are some guidelines to be followed so everyone can interact safely with each other. That environment will allow your child to explore a world of cultural diversity, and acceptance of different kinds of children with different abilities, through a safe and respectable school environment.

In our pre-school classes we teach a lot of fundamental skills. We make the lessons fun and interactive so, the students retain the knowledge and skills. Our classrooms are equipped with several teaching resources so, the students can exceed. Throughout the day, the children do a lot of work that keeps their mind engaged.

Biting, kicking or hitting; these manners create problem. Therefore, we teach the children through modeling, reading, and talking with them so they can appreciate the purpose of the distinct parts of their body. These skills are constantly being taught to the children on a daily basis in order for them to be cautious, caring, and helpful to themselves and their peers.  All children can learn as they sense and see that we the teachers are truly there to help, and care for them.

When they are upset or sad, some of these children do not know how to express themselves through words, so we as educators teach them different words using “emotion word cards” that will help them describe their feelings and emotions. We reduce language confusion by implementing communication.  We model and also teach the children how to take a moment to self-regulate (self-discipline) and calm him or her down.  In addition, we use several other defense mechanisms to facilitate problem solving skills for the students to use throughout the day. If we perceive that the nuisance could continue, we as teachers are sensitive to our students’ need, we immediately intervene and bring a satisfactory solution to the matter.  Students are taught to respect themselves as well as others.

In pre-school, we teach them the alphabet letters, the phonic sounds of the letters which leads the student to sound and blend letters in order to decode and read a two to five or more letters word. Children learn at different pace. They learn to identify the letters of their individual name, and to write them down in the proper order. Students often get rewarded for their accomplishment.

We teach them several poems, nursery rhymes and, songs that will help expand their vocabulary. These are very effective for the little ones learning. We interact with them and make the lessons fun. All of that attract the students’ intellect, emotion, drama, and music skills that most of them have inmate within them.  We desire to build in the children; literature skills at an early age. We expose them to some great collections of books, such as classics, fictions, non-fictions, and some compare and contrast text, so they’re able to analyze the different stories, and by asking them different key questions on the story that we just read together. This, develops the language and the intellect of the child forever. This also enables them to gain self-confidence when they are speaking.

We teach them mathematic concept, where they have access to several games and puzzles to reinforce the lesson that was previously taught to enhance their comprehension. They are also exposed to art; learning about primary and secondary colors as well as doing cool early art activities. For science, the students are exposed to some fascinating biology experiments. We all see the transformation of things that come to life right in front of our eyes. This creates a very exciting mood in our classroom.

Not only are the children indoors, but they are given the chance to explore a  safe  outdoor nature where  we instruct them on how to play safe on the playground, as well as riding the tricycle, sharing among peers, and just having fun in the fresh air.

Furthermore, we teach our students to practice good manners. It is with great joy to see at the end of the year how the students have improved greatly.  Children are sponges. What we teach them, they learn and practice. So we keep on providing the right skills for them to grab a hold of for their life’s betterment.

Aside from them excelling and having a fun in school children need more hours of sleep than we do as adult. Research shows that students who had plenty of sleep the night before, will be more alert, more willing, and more at ease to learn and have better behavior report from school. Therefore parents, student’s needs to be in bed by 8:30 p.m., to get to school early, eat breakfast with their friends, in order to start a wonderful day of exploring and learning together.

In all, if you are all still questioning if preschool will be the right choice for your child’s wellbeing, well, the answer is yes! This is the best choice you as a parent, guardian, can ever make. Let your child come in and enjoy the fun while learning. You will not regret it! If you need information about school’s locations, I would advise you to contact Family Central, Children and Families, or County District School Board to direct you through this process.


Thank you!


Mrs. Michaud

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