Death by  Dollars

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      Not so long ago, rapper “T.I.” had a song entitled “About the Money”. If you listen to it you’ll understand what The Gantt Report opined about years before the rap record was released.

Colonialism, neocolonialism, slavery, genocide, nationalism, immigration, war and politics are all about the money!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of Black America’s most revered Civil Rights leaders.

Always connected to non-violent civil disobedience, King had, and still has to some extent, the admiration and support of some whites in the United States and worldwide.

Pushback against King came when he was accused of being in opposition to the war in Vietnam.

But King was assassinated after he began to preach about America giving its Black residents a “bad check” marked “insufficient funds”!

Don’t let corporate and political devils turn you and trick you with carefully constructed and distributed false narratives about the Democratic (and Republican) way.

As soon as local, national and international voices step out of line with the world’s money changers and beast bankers, literal and figurative heads will begin to roll.

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was once a respected friend of many nations including the United States. He was called the “King of Kings” by many Presidents of African nations for his assistance to African countries in war and peace.

However, when Gaddafi tried to establish a gold-based African currency to buy and sell African oil and other commodities that would compete with the beast bank petro dollar, Gaddafi’s days were numbered and he was murdered in broad daylight.

Now Libyan racists can sell African immigrants as slaves just like the Candy Land slave master sold slaves in the movie D’Jango and the modern day money changers now have easy access to quality petroleum.

If you don’t know, Saddam Hussein was also a friend of the West at one time. He was killed and then Libya and Iraq both became controlled by the banking, finance and petro dollar communities.

The so-called Black leaders in your neighborhoods and communities will all have good careers and decent lives as long as they do whatever they can to allow banks and corporations to financially exploit and oppress predominately Black neighborhoods.

“White flight” resulted in the political, not economical, takeover of many of America’s major urban areas like Atlanta, Georgia.

Newly elected Black Mayors, Commissioners and Council members did not hesitate to recruit non-Black developers, sport team owners and corporate crooks to move into cities and to move Black people out that couldn’t afford tax increases, couldn’t get home or business loans and to victimize those Black youth and Black seniors that couldn’t or wouldn’t fight the power.

The Gantt Report is not the only voice in the Black community that is not afraid to speak economic and political truth to people of African descent.

I’m pretty safe because beast bankers, as a group, don’t read or watch the Black media. If they did, I would have been in a body bag a long time ago.

Safe or unsafe, I’ll continue to write the truth whether the modern day money changers, beast banks and corporate crooks like it or not.

I’m on a mission from Oludumare!


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