Democracy Isn’t Messy, It’s A Process of Governance Subject To Corruption

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

      Americans need to take time and regroup before the world’s most powerful Country with the greatest Democracy self-destruct. Democrats in a cavalier manner characterizes Democracy as being messy whenever in fighting causes them to quarrel rather than comprise. Republicans’ use Democracy as a political weapon to take control of government at the state and national levels by means of party dominance.

Democracy is a process of governance used by elected officials. Consequently, Democracy is subject to corruption because of its dependency on the integrity and morality of those elected.

Voters can easily determine if their elected representatives’ integrity serves them or their corporate sponsors. Proof of their integrity is voting records, following money trails, and uncovering ties to corporations.

To determine if elected officials’ objective is to gain power by anti-democratic tactics, one need only to examine their proposed legislation. Persons asking questions and examining legislations can judge their impact for themselves.

To examine the integrity of elected officials, let’s select two Democratic Senators who have dominated the news, Manchin and Sinema. Manchin objects to the proposed $3.5 trillion budget, especially the amount budgeted to fight climate change. Upon scrutiny, he’s received donations totaling $1.6 million from the fossil fuel industry and has earned $5.2 million from his coal company.

The question is, “Does Senator Manchin’s actions demonstrate that he represents the interests of his constituents or instead only his and those of the fossil fuel industry?” Recently, on national TV he defended his efforts to sabotage the President’s plans by claiming it would raise the debt. You be the judge.

Now, subject Senator Sinema to an examination of her integrity as well. In 2018, she reported a net worth of $32,500 and in 2021 it has grown to $1 million. But her escalating net worth isn’t of major concern. It’s her strong opposition to President Biden’s plan to lower prescription drug costs.

Unsurprisingly, it shows that pharma and medical companies donated over $750 thousands to Senator

Sinema’s campaign fund. The Question is, “Is her objections to achieving lower prescription drug costs tied to corporate donations? Or does she simply prefer that people should pay higher price? You be the judge.

This narrative wouldn’t be complete without attempting to reveal Republican Governors whose objective is to pass anti-democratic legislations. This type of legislation allows them to gain political power by restricting the freedoms of people. Since the Governors of Florida and Texas have flooded the news media with their anti-democratic legislations, they’re ideal candidates to subject to a review.

Governor DeSantis signed House Bill 1, a controversial anti-riot bill on April 19, 2021, into law. This draconian law makes it easier to criminalize peaceful demonstrations should infiltrators deliberately cause disruptions. He later signed into law restrictive voting legislation which curtails voting by mail and at drop boxes. Will DeSantis anti-democratic legislation be restrictive on the freedoms of Floridian? You be the judge.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas could very well serve as the poster boy for anti-Democracy crusaders. He signed one of the Nation’s most restrictive anti-voting legislation into law. Additionally, he and his Republican controlled legislature passed a controversial and restrictive anti-abortion law. It criminalized anyone’s efforts to facilitate a woman having an abortion. Does this legislations enable the Governor to restrict Texans’ freedoms? You be the judge.

It would be disingenuous to characterize Democracy as messy. At times, children can be messy. Nevertheless, Democracy represents the “Holy Grail” by which elected officials should govern. It comes from two Greek words that mean people (demos) and rule (kratos). And its survival is dependent upon elected officials of unquestionable integrity and morality. If they’re corrupted by unscrupulous lobbyists, led astray by an unfit President, or succumb to a mob of insurrectionists, our Democracy is in Peril. You be the judge!


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