Dolphins 3 in row and on the go

Miami Dolphin
Miami Dolphin
Miami Dolphin

Dolphins 3 in row and on the go

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

I understand some of you can hardly believe that the Miami Dolphins are unbeaten, an accomplishment unseen in over a decade. This is not a dream  the Dolphins are playing good old- fashion American football. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill #17 has methodically orchestrated an offense that not only moves the ball, but also scores touchdowns. With the many weapons the Dolphins have, if used properly this could become a memorable year for the franchise.

Tannehill is still growing but so far so good. He does need a few minor adjustments that could add to his potential, but as in anything it all comes with time.

Things like releasing the ball, throwing the ball away rather than taking a sack and scanning the field rather than locking on a specific receiver will all make him a consistent quarterback. The game is moving fast to him now I suppose, but the more snaps he takes his complete and total abilities will be unveiled. Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross was all smiles after the 27-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 22, 2013, at Sun Life Stadium. And Mr. Ross spoke highly of Ryan Tannehill explaining how we are watching a future great grow right in our face.

The Dolphins extreme de-fense could do a lot better tack-ling and putting more pressure on opposing lineman and quarterbacks, as well as the defensive backs need to start fighting for the ball like our 5 million dollar man DB Brent Grimes #21. Grimes has been a great asset to the Dolphins defense, always playing the ball instead of the player as well as LB Dannell Ellerby#59. DB Nolan Carroll #28 has grown since last year but I’d rather have DB Dimitri Peterson #24.

The Dolphins now actually have athletic football players in different positions rather than just a few here and there, which is something the Dolphins have not seen since Brian Cox, Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. We have big athletic receivers with good hands and decent speed who could also be used as tight ends. Mike Wallace could definitely get more attempts in particular defensive schemes, especially man to man.

Don’t hate the players hate the game, but as a Dolfan I need Mike Sherman to open up the playbook and let’s keep the ball rolling. I’m happy with the wins, but I want more. I want it all and the only way to get it all is to give it your all! I would like to see 5 receivers, with one in the slot in a spread offense. Open the field and the playbook Mike Sherman and Joe Philben let the defense fly like Dolphins swim… Fast and Agile. This is could be our Year!!


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