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Don’t Fall For It

Nicole Nutting

Don’t Fall For It

By Nicole Nutting

A big kerfuffle for MSNBC host Joy Reid, involving allegations that she made unfortunate remarks about the LGBT community a decade ago in her blog. Uhhh, where is this coming from all of a sudden??

Reid herself admits her attitudes have become more enlightened over the years, and apologizes for any pain she may have caused. I’m trying to imagine our president apologizing for anything he’s ever said…nope, just can’t picture it.

Are we going to vilify one of our staunchest voices because she didn’t spring from the womb with fully-for-med Progressive political views? Not everyone was fortunate enough to be born into a liberal family with room in their hearts for all marginalized groups. Many people are hamstrung by the religious tenets they grew up with. Whatever you think about Darwin and evolution, in truth we are all evolving minute by minute as a result of our life experiences. Anyone who has never said something they later regretted, please raise your hand…

Bigger picture now, who is trying to sow this discord in our community? Malcolm Nance, former Intelligence Officer, is seeing the influence of Russian trolls and bots. That shouldn’t surprise us at this point, since our treasonous administration is doing nothing to stop foreign interference in our politics. Why bother, since they benefited from it.

Even BIGGER picture this time, is it a coincidence that a woman was the target? Why not dig up ancient dirt on Lawrence O’Donnell, or some other male “talking head”? The reason is simple—the patriarchy is under attack, male privilege being challenged. Hilary Clinton dared to compete with men on their level and opened the floodgates. Remember this quote: “To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.” Now that women across the country are starting to hold men accountable in a variety of ways, we can expect all kinds of defensive maneuvers in response.

Sure, Joy Reid is guilty—guilty of being human, female, and intelligent. Being Black makes her an even more appealing target for this manufactu-red smear campaign.

Consider the source. Don’t fall for it.


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