Don’t poke the Russian Bear

Don-At-WorkDon’t poke the Russian Bear

By Don Valentine

      For the people that posses some global political acuity it is not a surprise about how “Machiavellian” Mr. Putin can be. Putin’s resume is rife with skeletons he is responsible for accumulating. Unfortunately, to our domestic chagrin Secretary Clinton positioned herself against Putin when it came to Ukrainian politics. The recurrent irritation from the Clinton family agitated Mr. Putin to no end. It took him years, but the saying is Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Mr. Putin resolutely instigated the Russian machination into our 2016 election. He could not in his wildest dreams have anticipated the historical impact his country’s shenanigans would have. At the conclusion of this episodic chapter it will go down in history to be as significant as “Watergate”. Putin’s goal was likely to create some chaos in the election. He like, Trump’s camp and everyone else expected Mrs. Clinton to become President. To his surprise his enterprise hit the jackpot and sent the United States 2017 political experience into turmoil.

The dynamics of the incident have been well documented over the last 5 months. Now you have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask what are you going to do as a U.S. citizen. During the election most people declined to participate. In hindsight that decision gave us a steroid movie star for Governor in California [Arnold]. It gave Minnesota a has been wrestling star for their Governor [Jessie V]. History repeats itself. We did not participate as a majority and we get an erratic reality t.v. star for the President of United States. If your not happy with this decision contact your Senator or Congressman by phone or email. Demand an independent counsel to fully investigate this incursion. Congressman Nunes has demonstrated that he is not acting as a divested committee chief. Fresh, nonpartisan counsel need to get involved in this process. In closing, the question is what will you personally do about it?

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