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Dowridge, as American Hero Frederick Douglass

DLD-FREDERICK-DOUGLASS-PROMDowridge, as American Hero Frederick Douglass

      Donald L. Dowridge Jr. (motivational speaker/author/actor) for the last 24 years has written 13 books, and appeared in the HBO Series The Wire, the NBC show Seaquest, and various other hit television shows. In the last seven years, he has brought back to life one of Black America’s greatest orators, author, journalist, and government official, Frederick Douglass. Douglass was truly a remarkable American in the 19th century, and Dowridge’s one man show will leave his audience entertained, educated, and excited.

He is a Tampa resident; born and raised into a difficult childhood in Baltimore, and he has overcome tremendous hard-ships to share his special gifts to the world. As America celebrates Black History Month, Dowridge would be honored to appear at your event this month or any-time during the year! Thousands have been motivated and inspired by Dowridge’s performances, which has left an indelible mark of courage and pride as a Black American hero.

His show is an opportunity to learn about one of the most eminent human and civil rights leaders of his time, and any good actor will tell you that the perfect role finds the actor. This one man show was divinely given to him and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. His portrayal of Douglass is authentic, and will have you clap-ping for more, because Black history is truly a lesson in American history. Once Dowridge is in character, you feel as if you are reliving Frederick Douglass’s life.

Now is the time to call for more information and discuss pricing and the particulars about your event. Based on your budget, Dowridge can expand the show to include other components and more Black History characterizations, and even include a Black Museum (DLD Traveling Black History Museum). DLD Enterprises is a one stop Black History Company, which is comprehensive and complete, and is a family show for all ages. Dowridge is available to appear at Organi-zations, Schools, Universities, Churches, Youth Groups, Major Events and Theaters.

We invite you to see more about Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. as Frederick Douglass on You Tube (dld282002), Facebook (Donald L Dowridge Jr. as Frederick Douglass), Google Directly contact us at (813) 394-5874 or email us at, and we welcome all inquiries.

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