Dr. Sherrie Poitier-Liscombe

Dr. Sherrie Poitier-Liscombe is a 23-year veteran of Broward County Public Schools, BCPS who has worked with every level student from Elementary to Community School and has expansive knowledge in inspiring at-risk youth to reach their full potential. This beacon of light has been blessed with a supernatural gift of speaking hope into disenfranchised youth. Her legacy has led her to co-coordinate one of the largest student attended events in Broward County Public Schools, the annual BCPS College & Career Summit, formerly known as Last Chance College & Career Summit, LCCCS.

Dr. Poitier is an accomplished business mogul… Owner of Poitier Consulting Firm, LLC, Licensed Real Estate Broker and owner of Poitier Realty Group, LLC. She holds a Ph.D. in Family Therapy, as the Founder of The Deliverance Center, Inc., an all-purpose center missioned to empower people with knowledge and opportunities that will restore their communities from within. Her goal is to teach families that all they need for a better tomorrow is already in the walls of their own community. Recently she has joined forces with 3 other amazing black business women to defy the myth that black women cannot support each other and thrive. W.O.M.E.N. …Women Organizing, and Monumentally Encouraging Nations, is innovating how business women forge a path for future generations… Together!

Dr. Sherrie, the well-known children’s author, has re-invented the “Fat Albert” concept by telling ethnically relatable stories that cross color lines and engage children in restructuring social emotional development through adventures in good character that promote “reading-is fun!” After 25 years of working with at-risk youth who see reading comprehension and writing as their everyday ‘Kryptonite,’ she could no longer sit on the sidelines helping only youth she was assigned to. Generations of “poor readers” would no longer be acceptable, and The Adventures of Sherrie & Chubbie Series and the accessories, was born as the Cure! Sherrie’s super power is speaking hope and she guides her friends and everyone she meets to their super power. We are all born with an incredible gift… purpose, and if we believe and harness our gift, hone it, and walk in it… Success is undeniable! That is what Sherrie (Dr. Sherrie) stands for and believes and she preaches that through The Adventures.

Dr. Poitier was not only High School Counselor of the Year 2017-18, but also Teacher of the Year for DJJ 2016-17 and 2017-18 and it is her dream to leave a legacy behind that changes the lives of youth after she has retired from education and is laid to rest from Life.

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