E-RnB Scandalous show breaks the cycle giving voice to silent sufferers

Alisa-Hamiltonthis-oneE-RnB Scandalous show breaks the cycle giving voice to silent sufferers 

By Richard Cameron Miracle Theatre Examiner

Break the Cycle by joining RnB / Soul Scandalous Divas Inc. events that are giving voice to silent sufferers. Some from Bullying and others who suffer from suicidal thoughts. One little girl Allison Cento chose not to stay silent. She now performs at Scandalous Divas premier show fondly known as “Scandalous Sundays”, a Broward 100 event. Allison’s true life story and heartfelt music is inspiring a nation! Her love for music grew as she was an unfortunate victim of bullying at the unbelievable age of four. She wrote her first song at the age of seven and named it Rhythm Antibullying. She wrote the song in English and Spanish as she wants all children and parents to hear her message. She supports a couple of Anti-Bullying Campaigns, one in Spanish and another one called Stop Bullying Now Foundation founded by Lowell Levine.

As quoted by George and Lucy Cento – Allison’s parents, “we noticed a change in her behavior as she suddenly did not want to go to school anymore. Knowing Allison as she is always happy and active; we found it strange. Every time we’d take her to school, she’d come back home sad and would say she doesn’t want to go back to school. Never once did we think anything had to do with Bullying especially in a private school. Rude awakening, it hap-pens in public and private schools!

After a couple of weeks she sat down with us and told us what was happening. We were shocked, but at the same time sad for her. The pulling of her hair, the name calling all at the age of four years old. We said this can’t be happening. After a couple of meetings with teachers things started getting a little better. But then it started happening again and at that time, we decided to pull Allison out of school. Luckily a job offer got us back to Miami. We support Allison 100 percent of what she is doing. She has been able to turn a negative time in her life into helping others and turning something positive through the gift of her music.

I believe she is a leader at school. She stands up for this cause and brings awareness to kids in her school. Allison now has finished her 3rd song called “Spanglish Girl”. She says that it’s important to always speak two languages. Bottom line Allison Cento was one of the lucky ones, others can’t or don’t always feel the same. We as her parents were able to help our daughter open up to us. Why? Basically because we insisted! Let your children know that you are here for them, through good and bad dealings in life. We know as parents of a child that was bullied that every Father and Mother out there needs to speak to their children. Get more involved, raise awareness by supporting those funding education.” George Cento.

As quoted by the show’s founder, “Bullying and Suicide are rising nationally at epidemic rates; they are not biased to race, nationality or ethnic backgrounds. They affect all social-economic groups from the financially challenged to the middle and wealthy families. The time has come to address this issue and to raise the questions not being asked related to bullying, suicide and overall domestic violence. What are schools doing about it? What creates a bully? Why is suicide too often seen as the only answer?” Our monthly signature premier production helps with some of those answers while creating awareness and inciting social responsibility for his form of domestic violence that too often is resulting in child/ youth or teen suicide. You may wonder why? What moved Alisa’s heart so strongly to get involved? She is a survivor and “thriver” from domestic violence who suffered in silence for over 5 years before escaping with her life after the man she loved place a gun at her face telling her to call her parents to say goodbye as he was prepared to take her life. Alisa carried around this part of her life as a stigma, as an ugly mark ashamed to talk about and feeling like a wounded soul. “It took years for me to realize that – ‘I Survived’, and as such now have a new lease on life to help others not feel like victims living in shame” says Alisa.

“Scandalous Sundays” has grown from a 52-attending crowd to an audience of 260 to 300 people from the community every month. City Officials of Mayors, Vice Mayors, Judges, Police Officers, Teachers are part of the attending audience. Held on the last Sunday of every month, this amazing entertainment showcase is perfect for local, national and internationally known artists while getting important messages out to the general public. Every show carries a different theme making no 2 shows alike which is synonymous with the production name. Scandalous Divas is building a brand; Scandalous to mean “Bold, Passionate, Unique and Creative” while Divas represents for its “Class and Elegance”.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants pays tribute to the creative and artistic accomplishments of stars in the global entertainment industry, while helping to raise awareness about the non-popular social, family issues affecting our communities that we don’t speak about on a day-to-day basis.” Alisa F. Hamilton CEO, President and Founder Scandalous Divas, Inc. aka Scandalous Sundays is now officially sanctioned a Broward 100 Event, a major milestone. The production show is also attended by local city officials including Colonel Gary Palmer of Broward Sherriff’s Office (BSO) who plays saxophone in the show. By attending these RnB/ Soulful music events, you can help raise donations and financial support for Two National Foundations: Stop Bullying Now Foundation (www.stopbullyingnowfoundation.org) that saved over 200 Children in 2013 from Bullying and Attempted Suicide, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (www.afsp.org) who is at the forefront of research, advocacy, education and prevention initiatives designed to reduce loss of life from suicide.


The list of dates for the show:  Last Sunday of Every Month

  • September 28, 2014 features performance by Donna Allen who was on NBC The Voice
  • October 26, 2014 features performance by Miki Howard
  • November 30, 2014 features performance by Young James Brown
  • December 28, 2014 features performance by Tamika Harper aka GeorgiaMe who is a Tony Award Winner, Emmy Award Winner, Peabody Award Winner, KUMBA Award Winner and BAFTA Award Winner

For more information on Scandalous Sundays: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants held Sunday, September 28 features performances by artists Karen Gibson Roc, Jai Rose Band, Donna Allen, Camelia “Red-Writing Hood” Brown with other performances by Francisca Munoz, Richard “Byrd” Wilson and John Allen. Hosted by Crystal Chanel the M.O.C. and Jenson “Mentor” Cox with Sounds provided by Dj Stan Saget of X-Hale Productions. Showtime starts at 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. For new upcoming events, please call 954-400-8948 and visit Facebook.com/ScandalousDivas or Twitter.com/ScandalousDivas to stay current with news, funding and education. These shows are held every month at the beautifully decorated and famously known The Club at Emerald Hills located at 4100 North Hills Drive, Hollywood, FL 33021. As a sneak peak, here are a list of some of the headlining performers for upcoming shows: American Billboard RnB Recording Artist and Actress Miki Howard will be performing at the October 26th, 2014 show and will also be speaking about her own survival from Domestic Violence. Young James Brown will be performing at the November 30th, 2014 show. Tamika Harper aka GeorgiaMe is an Emmy Award winner, Tony Award winner, Peabody Award winner, BAFTA and KUMBA Award winner is performing December 28th, 2014.

     Broadway Global, USA Theatre Chat and 11,000 arts lovers in Florida Theatre Chat thank Alisa F. Hamilton CEO, President and Founder Scandalous Divas, Inc. We all challenge you, our global arts society to support programs like Stop Bullying Now Foundation, who saved over 200 Children in 2013 from Bullying and Attempted Suicide, as well as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Suicide Prevention and Anti-Bulling Education must be at the top of our list as a global society. Get more information to a national events at www.facebook.com/ScandalousDivas.




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