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Education expert says Black kids really need to be home-schooled

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By Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling can be beneficial to all children, but more so minority children than white children. Racism abounds at public schools and the students suffer because of it. Writer Antonio Buehler says that these are some standout reasons that Black children should be home-schooled:

1. Black students are more segregated to lower performing schools than other races. There are 27,000 high schools in the country. 1,700 of those schools are deemed as the worst-performing schools in the country.

One-third of the Black high school student population attends these schools. These 1,700 schools produce 50 percent of the dropouts out of all 27,000 schools. The current dropout rate for Black students in 51 percent and it is no wonder when taking into account the schools that so many of them attend.

2. Private schools are not often an option. There are programs where students from lower income families can get scholarships and vouchers for the tuition at a private school, but the second that they enter the school they are one of very few poor children in a sea of rich kids and that can also be damaging for that child.

3. Public schools do not hold Black students to high standards. Many of them feel that they are going to do poorly any-way and so they do not expect much from the minority students. This is very damaging in several ways. The student will think that they are never going to be successful or even smart.

They may think that they shouldn’t even bother trying since no one thinks that they can accomplish anything any-way. They may even carry that feeling on after school into the real world and underachieve. They are so often made to feel that they have no potential in the academic world that they don’t even want to try and don’t realize how successful they can be.

4. Home-schooling is just a better option and will drive more success than public schooling. When they learn about history they can learn Black history which is all too often left out in public schools. They don’t have to deal with racism. They do not have to be made out as the underachiever that will never do anything with their lives. They can realize their full potential and go on to do great things.


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