Faking fear to kill a Black teen

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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Faking fear to kill a Black teen

By Lucius Gantt

Many African A-mericans in Central Florida and people of African descent a-round the world are anxiously awaiting the disposition of the George Zimmerman trial.

At the end of the trial will African Americans celebrate the conviction of a child murderer or will they light Disney World, Sea World and other Central Florida attractions up in protest of a premeditated, callous and hateful killing of an innocent and unarmed boy?

On a Sunday evening in February, George Zimmerman loaded a full clip and put an extra round in the chamber of his nine millimeter hand gun and went out searching for someone Black that he thought he could handle.

When he saw a 16-year-old child walking home after buying a beverage and a bag of Skittles candy, Zim-merman called law enforcement and described an innocent child walking in a neighborhood that he had a right to walk in as “suspicious”. He described Black youth to police employees as “punks” and “assholes” that always get away.

But Zimmerman was not going to let that happen that night!

Despite being told not to follow the Black child, Zimmerman ignored a police 911 operator and instead followed, stalked and hunted down the teenager, confronted the boy and shot him and killed him.

Devilish defense attorneys seeking to help Zimmerman evade jail time showed photo after photo of Zimmerman with a bloody face and head. But no one showed a picture of how Zimmerman got bloody.

I know the devil is tricky but who doesn’t know that they are a million ways to get cut, bruised, lacerated or hurt. To suggest that the ONLY WAY Zimmerman got bloody is because he was brutally beat by a skinny teenager is ridiculous!

Why couldn’t Zimmerman have been bleeding before he even met up with the child he murdered? Couldn’t Zimmerman have bloodied himself by hitting himself in the nose with the deadly weapon he was carrying?

After killing the boy, Zimmerman didn’t walk away from the body to contemplate, he walked away to get out of eye sight of the many witnesses so he could make long cuts on his head. He wasn’t holding his head, he was cutting his head to fake more injuries, in my opinion.

I’m no lawyer but I have represented myself in a trial that went all the way to a jury and all of the Florida Bar members reading this, you tell me, how in the hell can someone cover a person’s bloody nose and mouth and does not get transferred blood on their own hands? How can someone shower someone with 50 blows to a bloody face and nose without getting blood on their own fists? In such a bloody battle why didn’t the teenager have blood spatter on his clothing?

The child didn’t have blood on him because no blood was there until after the child was killed. The “injuries” to Zimmerman could easily have been self inflicted to pretend a murder was self defense.

All kinds of credibility has been given to a white man that said the few seconds that he saw Zimmerman and the teen, the teen was on top of Zimmerman. But every woman that testified said the opposite. They said Zimmerman was on top of the child.

Now who has the best memories, men or women? Women do. Women remember everything. They remember the day they met their soul mate, they remember the day their child took their first steps, they remember birthdays, anniversaries and other events when men can’t even remember what color drawers they put on when they dressed this morning!

The daughter of a devilish defense lawyer said the testimony of the friend that heard the confrontation on the phone was “stupidity”.

But I think it is stupidity to not recognize and respect that fact that this so called “melting pot” called America has a variety of people with different cultures, different accents and different feelings about the American judicial system.

The young lady on the phone when her friend was murdered never swayed from the truth on the main issues of the Zimmerman trial.

If someone is “creepy” that means they are scary! The child ran from Zimmerman, screamed for help but was shot down in cold blood anyway by someone that wanted to kill a Black child that February night. (Buy Gantt’s book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing at any major bookstore. Contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net.



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