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Farrakhan: ‘White people fear becoming the minority’

Min. Farrakhan

Farrakhan: ‘White people fear becoming the minority’

By YourBlackWorld

    During a wide ranging speech in Michigan, Min. Louis Farrakhan said that whites want Black women to use birth control because they – white people – fear becoming the minority.

    Farrakhan said that whites are poised to become a minority by 2050, and they’re pushing birth control on Black women “because they don’t want no more Black babies.”‘

    This is not the first time that Min. Louis Farrakhan has touched on current affairs in recent weeks. In a speech at the annual Saviours’ Day convention, Farrakhan touched on a number of issues which relate to Black empowerment.

    Farrakhan, 79, laid out a plan for Blacks to “control means of production” and to produce food and clothing. He also warned Blacks against buying into the idea that President Obama’s election would resolve problems in the Black community.

    “Even though one of our own has reached the highest pinnacle of the American political system, his presence has not, cannot and will not solve our problems,” Farrakhan told the crowd at the Saviours’ Day convention.

    Min. Farrakhan also encouraged gang members to become “natural soldiers” and protectors instead of killers.

    “The Second Amendment has no relevance to the Black community in this sense,” he said. “All your weapons are illegal and you’re using them like a savage people.”


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