Father/daughter reunite after 24 years, find they worked for the same organization

Amy Roberson and her Dad
Amy Roberson and her Dad
Amy Roberson and her Dad

Father/daughter reunite after 24 years, find they worked for the same organization

By Black Blue Dogs

     A father and daughter were reunited after 24 years apart in a very touching Father’s day story that went nationwide. Amy Roberson had been looking for her dad for years. The 24-year old was put up for adoption as a baby and recently found out that both she and her dad were volunteering at the same rescue mission.

After years of wanting to speak to her father, the young lady made the call to talk to her dad.

“It took a lot for me to make that phone call — I was really nervous, but it was definitely something I felt like I needed to do,” said Amy. “I called just to tell him that I was his daughter and hoping to meet him and any siblings I had.”

Amy’s father says that he was not ready for parenthood when his daughter was born. He does say that he’d hoped that he would see her again. So, he says that the call from his daughter was a dream come true.

“For me to hear on the other end and she said ‘Please say something, my heart’s beating through my chest..’ The only thing I could tell her was everything’s going to be okay… every-thing’s going to be alright,” said Will.

It was after the two began talking that they figured out that they both worked at the same rescue mission. The two had been working for the same organization, at the same time, at different locations. This revelation stunned them both.

“She said, oh, that’s where I volunteer,” said Will.

Amy says that this meeting with her dad further confirms her faith that God will always make things right. “It’s never a hopeless situation, if it’s meant to be he’ll make it in his time. “God has perfect timing,” said Amy.


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